iTop PDF: Operate Your PDF File with Ease
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In our previous post, we talked about how to compile your PDF format assignments using an online PDF merger. But besides compiling the PDF format, there are a lot of other operations you may usually need like editing a PDF like Word, converting your PDF to other formats, reducing your PDF document size, securing your PDF content, and so on.

And that’s why this post was created. In this article, we will introduce a PDF program that can let you operate a PDF file with ease. And it’s free to get started. Before we dive deep in, let’s take a look at PDF itself first, so you will have a better understanding of this old but popular file format.

Know More About a PDF

Let me educate you on a few points regarding PDF archives before providing the evaluation. You may skip this post and go directly to the review because we assume you are aware of it. Conservative Record Setup is truncated as PDF. It was first created by Adobe with the idea that this type of report should be accessible on any device and at any time. PDF records are rarely editable. 

Similarly to this, there is an additional degree of assurance against any unintentional misuse of the data. Any recorded report or image record may be saved as a PDF file and shared with others. However, modifying PDF records is difficult and impossible without the guidance of some eccentric application. The electronic market has a variety of administrators that are modifiable, including Adobe apps.

Since it ensures realistic uprightness, security, and openness, PDF is mostly used for transmitting reports. It may combine many content kinds as images, videos, text, 3D models, and hyperlinks. The data inside the PDF may be compressed to the desired size without twisting during use.

Additionally, the PDF design is useful because of its easy shareability and similarity between stages. Because of these advantages, anyone may use PDF design for their documents. Strong PDF editors are becoming more popular as more academic institutions, urban areas, privately held businesses, and government agencies use PDF more frequently.

About iTop PDF & Its Key Characteristics

With its simple yet sophisticated components, iTop PDF is a creative tool that can modify, convert, secure, unionize, divide, and pack PDFs. Every client may without doubt access any element for execution, and its point of interaction is obvious. Due to its incredibly swift handling speed, you won’t have to worry about the time it takes to stack or deliver your reports.

And here are 6 key features of this PDF software:

1. There is a free version of the commercial participation program iTop PDF for the Windows operating system. This implies that using iTop PDF’s workspace for PDF editing will not require an online connection.

2. A PDF blower is built into iTop PDF to assist users in compressing PDF files without sacrificing quality.

3. You may completely convert PDFs to many different document formats, including Word, Succeed, and image reports, as well as the opposite. Each adjustment is seamless, and neither strategy nor decency is compromised.

4. You may use iTop PDF to unlock or unlock a locked PDF. It features built-in devices for encryption, unscrambling, secret expression ejection, etc.

5. If your PDF document’s page numbers are somewhat erroneous or nonexistent, iTop PDF will need to add page numbers to it.

6. You can split a single PDF into many PDFs or combine separate PDFs into a single PDF. You may quickly understand your PDF files with the aid of this item.

How to Edit a PDF File with iTop PDF

How to edit a PDF with the PDF software made by iTop? Here are some steps for you.

Step 1: Get this tool from It currently only supports Windows operating systems. Hope someday the iTop team can develop a Mac version.

Step 2: After finishing the installation, you can directly start to use this software without creating an account. Even though there are some limitations to the free version, it’s enough for those who are new to PDF files.

You can now edit your PDF file just like editing it in Word. Adding texts or textboxes, highlighting some areas, adding comments, attaching files, adding watermarks, inserting images, links, or videos.

And just like we mentioned at the beginning, PDF software is not complete without the functions of converting, compressing pr protecting. Fortunately, iTop PDF has got all of them covered. No matter you want to convert a PDF to Word or to PNG, compress your PDF document to less than 1MB or password-protect your file to keep it safe, there always is a shortcut there.

The Last Words

PDF plays an important role in the office or business. Having lightweight but fully functional PDF software is necessary. No matter whether you are new to a PDF file or you have dealt with it for many years, iTop PDF will be your ideal assistant. Happy PDF operation!

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