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A Bit About Us…

Tech World Times is an emerging media platform that aims to provide all the latest and exciting tech content to its readers. We work with experienced professionals who share their knowledge and experience to address critical questions that exist in the minds of readers. Our content isn’t just for tech-savvy people – we make sure that it is equally appealing to those who are new to the world of technology – so that everyone can benefit.

Our Focus

  • We cover topics that are specifically related to Blockchain, Development, Testing, AI, Fintech, Healthtech, Startups, Tech News
  • We cover both new and existing topics
  • Our content is backed by facts and always provides a meaningful conclusion

Guidelines For Guest Authors

If you have a passion for tech and want to share it with others, then we need you. We believe that passion is the main driver of success and that’s what we want to ignite in our readers. What we want from you is high-quality content that provides valuable information to investors, engineers, entrepreneurs, analysts, doctors, or simply tech-savvies. 

Now that you know about us, let us know about you. 

Write and Submit Your Author Bio

  • Your biographical information will be attached to each of your posts published on Tech World Times. Tell the reader who you are and why are you important in a maximum 200-character bio. 
  • Provide us your LinkedIn and other social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc). 
  • Provide us your personal website or company name along with your role and URL.
  • Provide us your headshot photograph.  

Submit your details to techworldtimes (at) gmail (dot) com  

Blog Post Guidelines

  • The post should be somewhere in the range of 800 to 2000 words.
  • The post should be relevant and interesting
  • The post should be well-written. It must not have any grammatical and punctuation mistakes.
  • We don’t accept plagiarized content.
  • The article should be well-researched and backed by statistics and evidence. Use credible sources like research studies and major publications. Do not use Wikipedia.
  • Do not overly self-promote your business in the post. We will allow one do-follow backlink from the author bio.
  • Do not link to inappropriate sources or industries such as casinos or pornography. 
  • Trading, selling, or buying links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited.

Our Content Verticals

In terms of content, our goal is to captivate our audience with topics that matter the most. That is why our team has hand-picked specific topics, keeping in mind the reader trends. 

Following are the verticals we cover: 

  • Blockchain – Emergence of cryptocurrency will change the way we make our day-to-day transactions.
  • Development and Testing – The advancements in technology will not only shape the way we develop and test our products but will also increase consumer expectations and demand for innovation.
  • AI – AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing every industry, helping businesses to provide improved-quality products and services in less budget, time, and effort.
  • Fintech – Advancements in Fintech is making businesses, as well as individuals, manage their money in a much more efficient and hassle-free way.
  • Healthtech – Evolving diseases call for evolving technology – how is the healthcare sector dealing with the challenges.
  • Startups – Starting a business requires a lot of planning and knowledge, but without the right temperament, your business will not sustain.
  • Tech News – The world of tech changes every day, the question is, are you keeping up with it?

Why Should You Write For Us?

  • With your bio on our website, we’re technically endorsing you.
  • You will have a platform to engage with potentially millions of people who could be your target audience.

If it sounds like an exciting offer, why wait? Email us at techworldtimes@Gmail.com and become a contributor. 

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