How Test Case Management Tools Make Chatbots Perform Better?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:11 am

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With the changing times and growing usage of technology, chatbots have become a part of almost every business. When we talk about chatbots, we do not want you to picture robots walking here and there but the chatbots that greet you on websites. It is amazing and astonishing how these programs that are simple to look at have huge knowledge embedded to answer multiple questions people have to ask about the website. Moreover, it also keeps guiding the new visitors as well. While programmers give wisdom to these chatbots, test case management tools make it easy for testers to ensure quality.

Chatbots are not a lot different from the majority of the software as they also have lines of codes, functionalities, and features demanded by the users. So, software testing is as important for chatbots as for any other program. Since a lot of people are not aware of the benefits software testing brings for chatbots, here are some of the ways your business benefits from every round of software testing:

Functionality Report

The functionality of the chatbot includes its ability to cover all of the possible scenarios including the questions a user can ask, guidelines to be provided on the website visit, and a lot of other similar cases. The usage of test case management tools ensures that the chatbot is tested for all possible scenarios and is performing to its 100% with zero chances of making customers unhappy.

Customer Satisfaction

There are times when a customer comes face to face with a problem and needs good and quick support from the customer care team. However, customer care representatives are not always around to help customers with their queries. At such times, chatbots come to the rescue. Software testing makes sure that chatbot is handling every customer in the best way with good response time to increase customer satisfaction.

Better Response Time

Customers hate it the most when they are placed in a long waiting queue. This is one of the main reasons for companies to move from manual customer care to chatbots. However, not every chatbot has the perfect response time. Software testing allows the developers to assess the response time of the chatbot and helps them make it even better decreasing the number of complaints.

Consistency of Answers

A chatbot is designed to handle multiple questions. However, there are times when a chatbot gets confused by the way a question is asked and ends up giving the wrong information. It might not look like a big issue to the developers but testers know how it can affect the customers. So they use test case management tools to ask the same question in multiple ways to test and improve the consistency of answers.

Better Learning and Adaptation

Since chatbots come with AI and ML embedded, they are really fast learners and are known to pick up new questions soon. With proper software testing, the chatbot’s ability to learn can be made better so it can handle new questions with ease and good turnover.

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