7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 12:40 pm

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Your logo is the face of your brand. Therefore crafting any brand’s visual image is not easy. You just cannot draw a shape and place the name within it.

You have to invest in creating something that represents the brand’s features or message and is in sync with its character.

The logo influences the customers’ purchase decisions, brand perception, and overall attitude toward the brand.

In fact, today we live in an era of logos. We recognize brands through logos. Even toddlers who cannot yet have their food by themselves can recognize a variety of logos.

If you are about to embark on an important logo design journey, here are some tips that will help the logo maker to get the desirable logo for your brand.

  • Keep It Simple – You must not get too intricate with the logo design. Keep in mind that it will be used on business cards, vehicles, websites, etc. If you create a complex logo, that can confuse the onlooker regarding the company’s purpose.

Added to that, a complicated design is also difficult to remember for your clients and customers. As a result, it will be difficult for them to remember the brand.

  • Capture the Essence of the Brand – Even though logo is just an image but it is also the introduction to the brand. Keep this in mind while designing. You can jot down the message the brand conveys to you. Set a mood board with images that are in sync with the brand’s ideology.

But do not go with just the aesthetics. It should also contain a deeper meaning. You can take inspiration from other brands but don’t get too inspired. The brand’s unique attributes have to be showcased through the logo. Also, make sure it is absolutely original.

Give some thought to the personality of the brand. Does this brand evoke a particular emotion or is more focussed on utility? Is it quirky or contemporary? What does it aspire to be and what does the customer feel about it? Try to stay true to the brand’s personality.

Every logo has a deeper meaning or purpose. Try to inculcate that in yours too. It should be simple like the missing byte from the fruit in the case of Apple. The logo should be straightforward with a twist that represents the brand ideology.

  • Use the Shading Effectively – Take into account every part of the logo image while considering its character. The intense and brilliant hues can be eye-catching yet can also be fathomed as reckless. The lighter tones can be perceived as elegant yet can be ignored. 

All the shades come with alternate ramifications and can subtly impact your messaging.

Color psychology studies the meaning of colors and what they mean to people. Like yellow is considered the shade of optimism which is ideal for hi-tech companies, green symbolizes nature, safety, and health and hence great for the food industry.

So decipher the color code and use it intelligently to come up with the right logo.

  • Keep It Easy and Flexible – It is essential that you opt for a fair mix of simplicity and specificity. Your logo must be intriguing and yet shouldn’t make people devote a lot of time to gazing at the meaning.

A good example is the FedEx logo. It is a simple logotype with the wind that uses negative space to showcase speed, perfection, and bearing. The “Ex” is often represented in different shades to mean the variety of delivery.

  • Use the Right Fonts – There are a variety of fonts out there and so you can get confused very easily. But here are the most widely used ones. The font Sans-Serif is used to represent modernity while Serif is more traditional. 

On the basis of the typeface, Script is recommended to make the logo look formal or carefree. You can also pair it up with the correct fonts to offer versatility.

  • Do Not Anticipate Instant Success – Logos are not going to become instant hits even if you have got everything right along with a delightful mixture of vectors. Take, for example, Nike, Ray Ban or Audi which took their own sweet time to be established.

The product’s prosperity and the market in which it exists are the determinant factors in this case. So your best plan can be just for a handful of people visiting the grocery shop at your neighborhood. So don’t expect huge success immediately.

  • Take Help of the Online Tools – The online world is the destination for all kind of help. There is a sea of info for people who need some assistance, collaboration or inspiration.

You can opt for various software and tools like product design software. This is one tool that when integrated with websites can offer a plethora of designing options to customers from shades to templates, from quotes to clip art so that any designer can design the logo just they want across any platform seamlessly.

There are also many examples that will help you get inspiration. This offers you both convenience and ease of use so that you can design the logo of your choice in a hassle-free way.

The above are some of the things that you should keep in mind for designing the logo that you can take pride in at the end of the day.

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