Best Video Call Apps for Office During Coronavirus Lockdown

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:01 am

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Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard and has taken over all of the businesses worldwide. While a lot of industries have been entirely shut down by the authorities, others are permitted to operate with their workers working from home. The main reason behind these policies is to ensure social distancing and contaminate the virus.

However, social distancing has affected businesses as it hinders good communication, which a very important role in getting things done in the right way. If we talk about a software testing services company for an example, the team has to report to their manager, share issues with developers, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

While employees working from home, it gets hard to communicate and get things done. Does that mean these companies should go under lockdown as well? Or should they compromise on the processes and quality of the work? Well, to be honest, none of those things are necessary when technology is here to present you dozens of solutions if not a hundred. Would you be interested in keeping good communication between your team if not the best communication during this tough time? If your answer is a yes, we have a few ideas lined up for you.

Best Video Call Apps for Office Work

The advent of the internet and communication software has reduced the distances between people. When it comes to working in such pandemic, internet and video call applications have proved to be of great help. There are dozens of video calling applications that have been known to help people communicate for so long. These applications have been around for a long time now, but lockdown and social distancing has made their role and importance clearer. Here are some of the best conference and video call applications you can use in your everyday life to do better communication with your team.

Google Hangouts

This is one of the leading applications when it comes to the world of conference calls. This application is powered by Google and comes with features like a conference call, video conference call, share your screen, or share documents during the call. It is usually taken as an individual use service when in reality, it has been performing a lot better for commercial and enterprise meetings as well. You can add to its effectiveness by having fully leverage G-Suite installed for corporate-wide operations.


Zoom is yet another powerful and famous video conferencing call application. It comes in a free version as well as with a paid version. It is highly up to companies to decide which version is best for them. It has great features to meet business needs for business of every size. The paid version of zoom can give you the option to even add around 200 participants for a meeting, unlimited cloud storage, customized emails for clients, and a vanity meeting URL. If you are worried about the quality of the software, let us share that almost every other software testing services company uses zoom for its discussions.

Skype for Business

Skype is one of the oldest video calling and conferencing application so we do not need to get into its formal introduction. This new version of Skype called Skype for Business is specially designed for business purposes as it offers a wide range of features and options. This video conferencing tool allows you to have up to 250 attendees in a meeting. However, there are a few limitations like lack of hardware support with online-only plans and the lack of an integrated dial-in audio conference feature. The user fee starts at $2 per user per month, which is reasonable for the given features.


This conferencing application is one of the coolest applications as you can even tell by its name. It is a full-featured web-based conferencing app that gives its users the option to integrate it with collaboration tools. In the world of complex applications, it has been termed as one of the easiest applications as it uses a wide system of meetings, rooms, and events enabling you to have video meetings anywhere and anytime. It offers such great features and charges just $16.65/month/host for enterprise teams. Moreover, it has been tested every year by a software testing services company to ensure all of its features are working fine and are perfect to be used by the users.


This is one of the commonly used collaboration tools used in almost every organization all over the globe. It comes with video conferencing features that can be used as a great tool for integrating hybrid teams. Moreover, you can even have a one-on-one video chat on Slack’s free account offerings, but to gain other benefits you will have to get a quotation from the team after sharing the details of your company including the number of employees and meetings held every day.


While a lot of people believe working from home is as easier as said, people working from home know the number of challenges they have to come across every day. When they are already facing dozens of challenges, we believe communicating effectively must not become one of them. So, the video calling and conferencing applications we have shared above with you are meant to help you communicate in every way. Let it be an everyday task distribution in the team or a final report on the project, you can either decide to have a one-on-one chat with your colleagues or join a meeting for the whole team making it easier for the whole team.

When you have lots of great options waiting for you, what are you waiting for? Try the applications you think are best for you and then get their paid versions later on. We are hoping together we can survive this pandemic and get out with better skills.

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