How Does Middle East Countries effectively make use of technology to overcome Coronavirus?

Last updated on June 13th, 2020 at 07:30 am

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The Middle East countries are harnessing the power of technology to overcome Coronavirus pandemic and then fight against the sufferings of mankind adequately. The danger of corona outbreak is at all-time high thus making every predictions about withdrawal of disease a complete futile efforts. It requires a massive initiative to drive away and control the spread of coronavirus to mitigate its long existence. In Middle East countries the COVID-19 situation is treated in a most opportunistic way with no of tech companies voluntarily participating to fight against the infectious disease quite effectively. 

The Coronavirus disease is not a simple crisis and its rapid proliferation of the viral spread presents many countries with an adverse impact on their political, economic and cultural systems. Presumably understanding the current pandemic challenges basically necessitates a long-term measures to be taken with efficiency in restricting the pandemic and ensuring availability of clean water and environment for people to make a sustainable living. 

In this regard Middle East countries have developed a keen interest in battling out this COVID-19 with the help of scientific analysis and technologies to overcome pathogen infections. The Middle East countries have instrumented a range of technology-based COVID-19 solutions to stop the pandemic spreading and then promote biomedical and socially controlled projects among naive people to clean up the social strata. 

  • Contact Tracing
  • Effective Testing and Responder Capacity
  • Early Warning and Surveillance Technique
  • Deep Quarantine and Social Control
  • Clinical Research and Cure

The aim is to find primitive ways of controlling the coronavirus spread with moderate use of technology. This happens to be especially true because of the complex nature of coronavirus transmission requiring a profound understanding in utilizing technology and then marginally increase its capacity. Therefore we have listed the five categories of technologies to overcome this pandemic situations. This should stimulate a great interest for some of the Tech Companies in Middle East countries. 

  • Contact Tracing

The purpose of the Contact Tracing App is to jot down the accurate place from where the corona epidemic spread is prevalent. The urgency for tracking this pathogen is very much in demand giving to the exponential rise in data shared during the public health emergency. The steps involving contact tracing are a Corona infected patient often indulges in sharing his disease state to those people who voluntarily come in contact especially at a market place during the infectious period as much as possible. This will result to better comprehend the role of technologies and overcome coronavirus transmission while the breach is in the rudimentary state within society. The doctors also do not really know the path of corona disease mediation but they ensure to locate a place and test as many commuters as possible relating to the once already tested positive and also with next occurrences. 

With no real vaccine found for coronavirus the method of contact tracing apps proves to be highly beneficial since the infected person is given the specific knowledge and then incited to engage on an institutional response to fight against the pandemic response. It derives a primary value for an individual and resulting which creates the system awareness with surplus testing and treatments done on quick time sequences. 

Contact Tracing can normally bring a huge impact in people’s lives with the ever-growing statistics in the presumptions of illness within the society. However all these initiatives adds a certain amount of risk and precaution for tech companies in Middle East to address to this premonition levels of pandemic. Similarly considering the use of mobile phone data to mitigate the Coronavirus spread is becoming far too generic for healthcare facility to really treat patients clinically. While operating the contact tracing apps one major risk existing beyond the tech company economy and the massiveness of disaster responses is that you slack in the tracking capability and then become unaware of the prior decision’s positive impacts. 

  • Testing and Responder Capacity

The disaster response is urging for the progression in technology advancements with demands placed on Tech Companies in Middle East towards manufacturing new medical devices, tests, and protective masking gears. The vast application of technology can only be felt when it is put into effect and conveyed the necessary transformative changes in society. In practice, this augmented institutional testing capacity is achieved with a lot of sacrifices made on quality control and scientific values. 

In an effort towards upgrading the testing capacity there needs existing pathways for distributing medicinal facility, vaccine production unit and testing infrastructure essentially, for the healthcare industry with stimulated awareness raised on utilizing the coronavirus detection tools. Another influencing factors that is observed in upgrading testing facility are the underlying business relationship, infrastructure and systems all the more importantly. 

Tech Companies in Middle East have found the way to resolve the problem of testing COVID-19 patients by developing technology based healthcare equipment’s and thus steers the inspiration among healthcare staff’s to anticipate the disaster response more systematically.  Quintessentially, these innovations will become only effective if the public institutions are willing to learn about the pathogen transmission channel and then propose for a COVID-19 model based upon the data available. 

  • Early Warning and Surveillance

With the presence of coronavirus epidemic the early warning and surveillance activities becomes an inherent part of better understanding the pathogen either in terms of disease surveillance or individual surveillance. The clear tracking of corona incidences and its path refers to disease surveillance that follows with the early detection of corona infected patients getting treated primarily for the reason to limit the spread of virus. 

Disease Surveillance helps in effectually handling the pandemic response and is among the critical components of COVID-19 outbreak. This should make the work of public health authorities easy while allowing them to gauging the level of epidemic with great certainty. It can empower your community to become well prepared in times of corona crisis and then serving with an adequate response and recommendations suggested to infectious patients at the earliest. 

The Individual Symptoms Tracking method is also good at detecting the epidemic level of COVID-19 outbreaks but it lacks the presence of expert opinion and often considered to be highly ambiguous thus risking all the internal user base of a contact tracing app. In addition to healthcare systems working towards viral containment and clinical treatments, the individual symptoms tracking app might not be suitable enough to conduct a study of pathogens and may result in increasing the no of overwhelming responders. These flaws in the present information system provide a slight edge over the population surveillance method for disease surveillance and a progressive battle against Coronavirus epidemic. 


Middle East should treat the Coronavirus infectious disease seriously and make wise decisions exclusively based on scientific analysis and leave out political interest. The Tech Companies in Middle East should include technologies to control the coronavirus spread and confirm the prevention of the disruption in the health ecosystem. Over time progresses the COVID-19 epidemic should end with a good note leaving traces of life learned lessons for the existing institutions to stay away from the severe airborne transmission disease. This should also encourage people living in communities to answer to the challenges of Coronavirus completely and then provide critical support for local inhabitants with a clear mind on the behavior of the pathogen causing corona disease. 

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