Top Software Testing Companies in 2021

Top Software Testing Companies in 2021

Testing software is an essential process but it is very complicated as well. The trick of testing lies in the boundaries of precision and time.
It requires a lot of testing and endeavors in order to conduct a proper testing module against a very complicated application.
Not only that it requires a huge amount of time, but at the same time it requires precision for each test that is conducted because if one bug goes undetected it means huge amounts of loss, both financially and brand reputation for the respective company.  Given the fact that the USA is a bustling economy, also it has the busiest cities in the world, it becomes a bit difficult taking the effort for testing services and giving the required time. This is why having some companies outsourcing the QA Software testing is one of the best things that you can do.

There are some top software testing companies that take the slice of ease that we usually get when outsourcing testing services.

According to Forester, 17% of the US organizations are looking for QA companies whereas 16% of the US organizations outsource the Quality Assurance testing.
Common myths of outsourcing QA services.

There are quite a few myths that have in the QA services world that have surrounded software testing companies in regard to outsourcing their testing services.  Some of them are:

  • Expensive
  • Delays
  • Communication gap

But in contrast to the common myths mentioned above, outsourcing the quality assurance services to a company, might just be the right thing to do for your company.
Not only that it saves you a lot of effort and time that you would require to put tens of testers for the process, it would also save you a lot of money that would go to waste. In addition to that most of the companies have a 24/7 availability and they have no geographical boundaries. But moreover, and most importantly it just saves you considerable time, effort and money.

There are thousands of software testing companies in the market, and before choosing which one you will believe most to outsource the services, you should research the industry. Here we are listing some of the top software testing companies you can consider hiring.


Kualitatem - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Kualitatem is an award-winning Software Quality Assurance and Information Security company that employs dedicated QA and uses model tools and updated technology to secure your business from all aspects. We offer a wide range of testing services in Information Technology, Advisory, and Auditing. Kualitatem is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company and a Gartner recognized brand with a range of clients from large enterprises, government advisories to SME businesses. And we excel in security, performance, usability, automation, cross-platform compatibility, and functional testing services.

Testring Technologies

Testring Technologies does offer all kings of programming, QA Consulting and Testing Administration. They offer professional and profound excellence in all sorts of Application Tastings, such as: mobile testing, Web Application testing and also automation testing. No matter if you’re an established organization or even a startup, they will assist you with conveying your vision to clients.

Impact QA

ImpactQA is one of the leading Software Testing  and Quality Assurance Consultant organizations.  New York is where they are located but they have activities in other countries, such as Munich, Dallas, London and New Delhi.

They do have extended their business across testing spaces in Mobile testing, cloud testing, IoT Testing, Performance Testing. They have recruited some of the best QA engineers and QA tools.

QA Mentor

Located in New York, QA Mentor is an award-winning programming testing organization. They offer more than 30 quality assurance testing services in 8 nations and are pioneers in Software Quality Assurance. They serve more than 250 Fortune 500 companies.

Mindful QA

Mindful QA gives automated, manual, performance, and API testing services and QA counseling for sites Android and iOS applications.  Their service is valued directly in hourly rates, which is the best part so you pay for exactly what you need. Also they have been included in “Best QA Testing Apps”.


DeviQA is a pioneer in QA Services and in Software testing. They propose a significant level of insurance for you or your customer.

They offer their Automated testing services for Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Full Cycle Testing etc.

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