Are Minor Software Bugs Capable of Causing Massive Destruction?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 10:17 am

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Baking quality assurance from the initial stages of a software development life-cycle is necessary to even get rid of the minor errors and bugs in the software products and apps. Sometimes quality assurance teams put in unlimited efforts to make and feel a software product’s best quality as per the expectations of the users yet they ignore some of the minor bugs and software defects as they’ll not produce any harm for them. However, that’s where the original problem lies. Sometimes little things sum up to be massive in the future. Even if an error or bug is of a minor severity yet errors are always errors, you never know what harm an error can cause at which stage. So preparing in advance to not encounter future consequences is the best thing organizations can do but often organizations do the opposite and later they repent of their mistake. Here’s our expert advice for you i.e “Avoidance should never be a matter of adaptation”. Remember I repeat remember!.  Because facing problems makes you strong and able to fight. 

A software product or an app is the need of the hour. Your users are always greedy about having the convenience and best quality product experience. And if they encounter any crash or even long load times and long durations of installing apps, they would easily get frustrated and switch to alternate products, available in the market. That’s the reason software testing is so much emphasized by the tech leaders for both the startups and even for those who have established businesses. A problem or issue in the software development industry is never little, small, or minor. And when it comes to software defects minor ones must be given more importance because minor ones take just a second to become major. When it comes to lessening the burden of software testers about defect management, bug management tools are the one best solution that comes up in mind. Many organizations have tried these tools and get benefitted from it. 

Coming to the point let’s take you a ride of some of how minor bugs can lead to massive destruction. So lets’ get started;

Power of Social Media against your favor – Never underestimate your users. I repeat never! Because a user is your boss he/she can make your life-critical as much as possible. Nowadays, if users encounter any problem even a smaller one, in a particular software product, online platform, or app, they just go sign in to their social media accounts and upload a status about complaining and slamming your brand’s product quality and service. These negative reviews from your users are enough to threaten your brand’s goodwill, market share, and even restricts prospects to attract towards your products. 

Small issues suggest major harms below –  Assume a minor mistake or error like one or two spelling or grammar errors in the user interface. Imagine a doctor or nurse pulls up her EHR app, and every time an allergy or medicine is added, a pop-up message confirms the save. The message contains a spelling error, such as “Do you want to continue ordering penicillin?”

At first, it may be fun, but over time, it makes users treat the app as a rush. Worse, naturally, this makes her bound to question the quality of the particular health app. If the creator of the app is unable to spell it, is it trustable for handling the complex calculations used to create medication doses or financial investment calculations? Surely the users will have doubts about it. Frustrating, annoying mistakes make you lose your trust and respect for your customers.

Make efforts to provide fixtures to every single software bug before it is encountered by the users

It’s extremely important to fix all types and nature of defects either they seem severe or not, timely fixture is essential to maintain the product quality before they are encountered by the users. As a quality assurance expert working in a culture where small bugs or errors aren’t given enough importance you must contact your sales team to learn about the anecdotal comments they hear from customers. Have you reported any problems with the off-road vehicle software? By categorizing any such dissatisfaction in the customer base, you can help to determine the cause of the work, and there is solid evidence to solve the next “small” mistake you find.

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