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To accomplish a set of tasks, we need to follow a sequence. Like, to make a cup of tea we have to take a half bowl of water, boil it with two spoons of sugar, one spoon of tea leaves and many things according to you. Series of steps are very important to make any project. Various models represent the relationship between developing processes. Any process that claims building of a product is referred to as life cycle.

Development of some software product from its designing to its implementation is referred to as software development life cycle. It is basically an abstract representation of gradual development and evolution of the software that undergoes the series of steps. Every step in the software development process is necessary because it contributes in completion of software. Input for one process is output for another process. In this way, we complete the integral software development project.


Requirement analysis is the primitive ruse to any software. It is a contrivable study. This includes solutions to the problems of customers. And also that to solve a problem can we coalesce the conditions to complete the software. Communication between customer and developer can document the exact requirement of a software project. It enumerates the purpose and scope of software and general discussion of products.

Software requires two levels of designing preliminary and detailed. It tells about the architecture of software and a brief overview of it. Then a software undergoes coding, testing and maintenance. All modules are collected and integrated properly. It is very important to make a product commodity.

Programming tools are very necessary to practice and create software. To debug and maintain the software, tools are mandatory. The best development tools considerable are monday. Com, linux, netbeans, github and so on. It increases efficiency and reliability of

coding. It helps programmers to work easily with IDE. It helps programmers in collaboration with other programmers and helps in program management.


Many Software development companies have products in the form of software, software technologies that constitute the software industry. The main purpose to develop software is to fulfill the needs of the customer and this is done by designing the project and testing it. This is the motivation behind the software development company. Some companies do frontend designing while some do backend designing.

They bring about a collection of programs that are utilitarian to prospective customers which bestows complementary functions. Programmers attempt to make digital solutions to the problems that fit particularly for the business. Apps and websites are very important for any startup and software company to bring forth the development of applications and websites. Many software companies give advice to clients that help in business management and CRM Strategy. They help in increasing productivity by supplying data, analytics, dashboards, updates to apps and websites.

Mistakes one do while choosing a software company :

We all have the knowledge how the software industry is blooming throughout the world.   The quick acceleration of technology has paved a new way for the developing world. In theory people might find that solving problems with the help of software development is easy, but there are many problems that come with it. Basic of all problems is, finding the firm with the developers that suit your work the best. The relationship one forge with the firm is vital to ensure the success of the project. Outsourcing a right partner can save one a lot of time and cost, and still receive an excellent product.

As a startup:

Startups are extremely popular these days, this is one the thing that everybody would agree upon. Startups are created all the time in the period where the software technology is still on a constant evolution. However creating a company from scratch is not an easy task as one thinks. Many things have to be taken into account. Few of those would be :

●     Wanting results too early:

One of the main reasons for the failure of startups is wanting to achieve things too early rather than focusing on the perfection to provide to a user. It’s better not to spend too much time and effort supporting too many customers but to focus on building the reputation with one best product.

●     Working with the wrong technology :

Another very common mistake that startups make is choosing the wrong technology, because many business founders prefer a specific technology. Many startups want the technology or framework that is latest in the market. This can be a problem because of the continuous updates that one cannot cope up with sometime. So the final choice of technology should be based on your business goal

●     Neglecting documents requirement :

Documentation of  requirements is often neglected as many small businesses are more often focused on business execution. Instead of relying on discussions for new ideas, they tend to go with what they have been doing uptil now.

As a customer or client :

In today’s world many people rely on other software firms and companies that can help them or provide support for their work. There are thousands of software companies out there. Selecting one of those is a quite difficult task, one wrong step and it could be a downfall. There are many mistakes that people make while choosing one firm. Some of them are:

●     Lack of research:

Many people think that asking some friend or family for any good recommendation might be a good idea. But to be blunt it isn’t. Every project in the software field is different and unique, that needs different approaches and skills. Hence the overall project is affected due to the poor judgement of the customer.

●     Choosing the cheapest:

Some Indians think in a way to just reduce the cost anyway possible. So they look for the cheapest options out there , hence reducing their quality. The newest technology and hardware, get professionals to work on your project, avoiding possible delays and the reduction of bugs all is only possible with a correct amount of money.

●     Not making vision clear :

With outsourcing, one wants to focus on building a project that requires less time and money with good work efficiency. Deriving knowledge from the experts is one thing everyone wants. However to be able to do that one needs to find a firm that is able to understand the vision properly and more importantly you are able to present it as clearly as possible.

●     Not checking on updates :

Lack of communication is one of the basic mistakes that is often done by customers. Many people just give the work to the firm and go MIA. They do not check on updates or communicate properly ,nor tell them the requirements or the updates they need to do. This results in a huge loss and the end of the day.


It is very hard to satisfy the customer that the evolutionary approach will be controlled. Customers evaluate the product and then give its feedback to the developer. Software development companies help lead generation companies in fulfilling the needs of customers by developing projects at a more accelerated rate. Email marketing companies and software developing companies are parasitic to each other. Email marketing helps software developing companies to find prospective clearing clients and in launching the products. Software development companies provide assets to email marketing companies that help companies to progress.

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