10 Best Programming Languages for App Development
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Over the past 4 years, the mobile application development industry has escalated and improved exponentially, changing the way companies operate around the globe. The world of app development is advantageous not just for people who wish to earn through it but also for people who wish to benefit from their app ideas. There are over 550+ programming languages, and each has its own benefits and pitfalls. Together with the changing requirements of this industry, the demand for skilled professionals in such languages ​​is shifting. Programming languages ​​are evolving and changing at a rapid pace. The selection of the very best programming language for mobile app development is dependent mostly upon the operating system you’re working with. Here we’ll go over the list of best programming languages to choose for your next project.


JavaScript is, undoubtedly, a very useful programming language that you would want to learn for front-end app development. It is the go-to language for its vast front-end tools and frameworks on the market.

Want to utilize React Native? You will need to understand JavaScript. Want to use Angular.JS? Again, you have to understand JavaScript. Even if your website or web app requires some custom programmed functionality, you are probably going to utilize the MEAN stack (Mongo DB + Express + Angular.js + Node.js) or even the MERN stack (Mongo DB + Express + Angular.js + Node.js), each of this stack utilizes JavaScript through-and-through. JavaScript is popular, therefore many tools support it. It is a flexible catch-all language that is absolutely worth learning.


Python is a defined, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic words. Built to a data structure mutual with active typing and dynamic compulsory, it’s meant for high-level, quick application development, in addition to this, it is also used as a scripting or glue language to connect present scripts making it rather attractive.

As a language, Python is dynamic, clear, simple, sometimes intricate but not complicated, and nicely readable. Since the language is straightforward and easy to read, it’s necessary to have Python on your learning list.

Python Spokesperson and extensive standard library is available for all significant platforms with no binary or source format and may be distributed publicly.


Java has a significant name in app development. Considering that the official Android launch in 2008, Java continues to be considered as a fundamental development language. Being an object-oriented language, it may take care of the intricate modern requirements and trends of app development.

A number of the best Android apps use Java, for example, Spotify, Twitter, etc. It permits quick learning using its easy syntax. Therefore, you can begin with it straight away!


Kotlin is an advanced and steady typing programming language that enhances productivity and programmer’s flexibility. Kotlin can be utilized along with Java to make more efficient and high-performance applications. Kotlin is easy to code because of the simple syntax. It’s diverse and flexible. It generates compact and cleaner code than Java.

The modern attributes of Kotlin language permit you to concentrate on both expressing your ideas and writing less code. In general, this is thought to be a tidy and clean version of Java.


Ruby is a very friendly, fluid, and very useful language. It is almost always utilized by the Ruby on Rails framework, which allows programmers to create amazing web application backends. It is really perfect for structuring a database. Since Ruby can help you manage complicated databases easily, it is the go-to for Shopify and Shopify Plus, in addition to other e-commerce platforms.

Ruby on Rails is particularly worth learning if you are a programmer seeking to break into the high-demand field of e-commerce development or a company leader seeking to sell online. Even a simple understanding of Ruby goes a very long way.


HTML5 or HyperText Markup Language version 5 isn’t traditionally a programming language for mobile app development. However, you can still utilize this language to make smooth and dynamic mobile apps. Simply to demonstrate how things will appear when you utilize HTML5 as your own programming language, Google docs and drive are completely created on HTML5. Though, to be able to develop a mobile app, you’ll need to use different languages like JavaScript or incorporate API for much better performance.

HTML is quite easy to understand, and it supports both the web and mobile. Additionally, it supports responsive design that can help in creating dynamic web and mobile applications.


Swift is a popular open-source, simple to learn, maintain, and quick loading programming language that’s used for custom iOS app development comprises, the types of Apple platforms include: watchOS, MACOS, tvOS, and other Apple platforms. With effective usage, the app development process becomes a little quicker.

It’s designed by Apple Inc. in 2014. The newest version of swift is Swift 5.1. It’s used to create native iOS apps. It’s the blend of objective c and c++ characteristics and concepts.


C++ is among those mid-level programming languages which are used to develop low-level libraries and high-level applications. Additionally, it is an Object-Oriented language which uses concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.

C++ is among those block-structured programming languages used in search engines, cloud-based applications, device drivers, and operating systems. The execution rate of C++ is high, and so many programmers favor C++ as their application development language.


PHP is a server-side programming language created by Zend Technologies. Originally, it had been utilized to design and create websites, however in the modern world, aside from server coding, PHP is also utilized for command-line scripting and developing mobile apps also. Learning PHP or picking it as your own mobile app development language will place you in control aside from a mobile app it is simple to create responsive websites and web applications using PHP.

It is a function and object-oriented programming language. It is an open-source programming language that has easy access to tools for deploying and testing. It’s also easy to learn and includes a huge community of developers for assistance.

On the other hand, the lack of bug testing tools makes it a bad choice when it comes to error handling. But people like to use it to developing web apps, cms, and e-com apps.


C# is an object-oriented model of C/C++ that’s pure. Additionally, I found it a lot easier to work with. This language combines the power provided by C++ with the simplicity of use that Visual Basic offers while reading such as Java, but simpler. Anyone new to learning coding may want to begin with C# when dipping their feet in the water.

I suggest starting out with a combo of C# and Unity since they work exceptionally well together. Unity is a game engine ideal for 3D games that offer physics. What I really like about Unity is the simple fact that it is free and it’s extremely simple to develop a 3D game. The fundamentals of a 3D game can be obtained in as little as 1 hour thanks to a couple of lines of code.


There are continuous developments from the world of programming languages. Some evergreen languages like JavaScript and JAVA have made a steady place in the list, whereas, other languages such as Ruby and Kotlin have improved at an outstanding pace and have caused it into the listing of their most popular programming languages. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in the nitty-gritty of this programming language, pick the best and utilize it to develop a mobile or web application for your company or project.

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