How to Level up your Test Case Management Practices

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 10:09 am

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Up til now every single individual in the software development domain have enough understanding about software testing and its importance. Many organizations have already started implementing the software testing process in their software development life-cycle to come up with a software product that suffices the end-users requirements and expectations. But still, many organizations are unable to get the most of their software testing process, as they claim that managing test cases while conducting software testing, is extremely challenging. They also say that their objectives of software testing are not even half achieved. It becomes often very difficult to manage different test cases when you have other tasks as well as detecting or hunting bugs that are even more time and effort consuming. For this purpose, we have brought some useful test case management practices that will level up your overall software testing process. 

Quite a large number of individuals have this misconception in their minds that software testing or test management is just suitable and worthy for large scale organizations. However, even startups and small enterprises in the IT domain can also receive plenty of benefits via implementing test case management best practices into their quality assurance operations. Quite a large number of organizations implement the use of a top-notch test case management software like Kualitee to get rid of there all test management concerns. This is one of the best things that organizations do to be productive. 

Five best practices to level up your test case management are discussed below.  

Don’t waste time and implement the use of a central repository

Although every single organization is worried about how to manage their test cases effectively, yet surprisingly, not even a single organization or an agile team implements the use of a central test repository to get rid of the problem of test case management. You believe it or not but this lack of a central test repository is the major reason behind the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of managing test cases. Okay just leave the reasoning. Let’s suppose you are working in an organization that is indulged in developing multiple applications and your goal is to be on top of the list of the companies who develop good apps. This means that a lot of work at the backend like programming and quality assurance tasks must be carried out to achieve the desired objectives. But without a mainframe or a central information repository that can govern all the tasks at a single platform, things will be unfavorable. 

A professional tagging system must be used 

How well is your central test bank organized, and how are all the tests, documents, and cases organized? Is it easy and simple to track any document or test case in a few minutes, or does it take hours to pour everything in so that someone can find what they want? If the latter sounds more familiar, there is still room for improvement.

It is recommended for you to ensure that a proper and professional tagging system is being in use but be very cognizant of its accurate use. Marking or tagging files helps the team members to easily get it when needed, without looking here and there with tension. In most cases, teams do not pay attention to the tagging of files and later on becomes confused and waste time. 

To run the test you must have the organizing skills 

Running the same tests for the same programs and applications, again and again, seems like the teams are either brainless or else they are not utilizing their brain capabilities at their best. Running the same tests or the duplication of the tests is simply a wastage of time especially when your concern is about the limited amount of time to script a test.  

The best thing you can do is to make yourself well organized to eliminate the duplication of tests as much as possible while making it possible to save your time, efforts, and energies. 

Project scope must be defined 

There is always a problem that most of the quality assurance teams face is that of completing more tests in a limited time. This means that teams must be intelligent enough to tackle this situation. No, No matter you choose to spend time in the sprint, it is compulsory for every member of the team to recognize the importance of managing time while not compromising their tasks and activities.  

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