Your short and helpful guide to Invisalign teeth straightening
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Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments all over the world. One of the biggest factors behind unbelievable popularity of Invisalign is the aesthetic appeal it offers. Yet some people still choose traditional braces over it. In fact traditional braces are no less effective or any less popular than Invisalign. Appliances used in both the procedures are approved by the dental fraternity. Moreover both can bring stunning results. Therefore it is always confusing to choose the better among the two.    

While choosing between the two people usually consider the following factors –

  • The level of teeth correction required
  • The age of an individual and
  • Habits and lifestyle

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore some facts about both the orthodontic teeth straightening procedure. This will help you take an informed decision. 

The way Invisalign system works

Invisalign is a popular brand of clear aligners. The orthodontic appliances prove to be highly effective correcting crooked teeth. Clear aligners are also popularly called invisible braces. Basically these are custom designed mouth pieces. The mouthpieces are made from high quality medical grade plastic. These are meant to apply pressure on the teeth to facilitate their movement from their initial positions to desired ones. A dentist who provides cheap invisalign in London over the years says it is important to mention that clear aligners are a discreet alternative to conventional fixed braces made of metal.

The advantages clear aligners offer

  • Aesthetic appeal and appearance – Invisalign aligner trays fit closely on your teeth. In this aspect it is quite different from fixed metal braces. The clear plastic aligner trays virtually remain invisible in your mouth. It offers discreetness to your treatment and this is the primary reason why an overwhelming number of patients prefer it.
  • Ease and comfort – Unlike traditional fixed braces clear aligner trays do not cause any cuts or wounds in the mouth and nor do they cause any discomfort either. However you will experience a little discomfort which results from movement or repositioning of the teeth. But you can be rest assured that with Invisalign the insides of your mouth will be largely spared of the pain unlike the conventional braces. 
  • Greater convenience of brushing and flossing – The range of clear aligner trays is easily removable. Thus you can just remove the plastic mouthpiece from the teeth to brush and floss in the usual way as many times a day as you want. Traditional braces do not offer this ease or advantage. 
  • No dietary restriction unlike the traditional braces – Invisalign braces are easily removable. as a result there is no dietary restriction when you are on Invisalign journey to correct misalignment issues with your teeth. However that is not the case with traditional braces. Patients are restricted from enjoying hard and chewy food items – like certain types of nuts, bagels, popcorn and others. 
  • Only a fewer visit to your orthodontist – A popular dentist who offers one of the cheapest invisaligns in London points out something important relevant to the ongoing context. According to him patients on Invisalign require visiting their orthodontists more seldom compared to that of patients who are on conventional braces. People with conventional braces have to visit their orthodontists frequently to fix something or the other. But when one is on Invisalign you have to visit your dentist hardly every four to six weeks. This way Invisalign offers much great convenience and comfort compared to the traditional braces.

Now let us explore the disadvantages that clear aligners offer.

Disadvantages of clear aligners

Not suitable to tackle complex cases of teeth misalignment – Clear aligners are not ideal for complex cases of teeth misalignment. In easier words these are not suitable in every situation. The range of aligners is only suitable for people who have minor misalignment issues with their teeth.  

Carefully remove it every time while eating or drinking – When you are on clear Invisalign braces you can only plain drink water wearing the braces. Other than plain water you are not allowed to eat or drink anything with the braces on. The high grade plastic is easily damaged by food items. Moreover the clear or transparent plastic easily picks up stains from coloured drinks and foods. In addition to that it also gets easily warped in heat mentions a dentist having years of experience in treating patients with invisalign i7 in London. You must be extremely careful and cautious with Invisalign trays top handle those properly.

Self consciousness and discipline – When you are on invisalign treatment you must wear the aligner trays at least 20 to 22 hours day. If you cannot comply with this rule then chances are high that your treatment will linger longer than the expected time. This makes the treatment more costly. Moreover the final results of your treatment are likely to be greatly compromised when you do not conform to the 20 to 22 hours a day timeline of wearing the braces. It requires a great deal of self consciousness and discipline for anyone to stick to the 20 to 22 hours of wearing these braces every day. If you think you cannot comply with this then this orthodontic treatment using clear plastic aligners is not for you. Some people, particularly children lose their aligners often. This adds up to the treatment cost. Moreover it delays the result extending the treatment time.

Frequent brushing the teeth – A dentist who provides Invisalign at cheap and affordable price says people with poor oral health should not choose the Invisalign way to straighten their teeth. Why? The reason is these people are more prone to develop cavities in the teeth. They can even develop the problem of bad breath or halitosis. After finishing every single meal or drink one must brush the teeth properly. This keeps the teeth as well as entire mouth clean and germs-free. Normally people brush twice daily but when you are Invisalign that goes up to several times a day.

Invisalign attachments prove helpful for a section of the patients. These look like small buttons. Orthodontists working in Smile Clinic London explain these attachments provide better control in moving the teeth. However these appliances must be attached as well as taken off only by trained dentists or orthodontists. 

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