What to Look for in an SMS Reseller: Key Considerations

Last updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 09:56 am

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Working with a reseller when it comes to SMS is a smart way to boost your business and to connect with customers through a medium that is familiar and comfortable to them. If you’re interested in staying competitive in today’s robust and rapidly evolving marketplace, consider the features to look for when it comes to a reseller.

Niche Expertise

Working with a reseller that has experience in your particular field is a smart idea. The right reseller should have a vast portfolio of work completed in your business’s area of expertise. This background and knowledge can help the reseller to know what types of messages are most appropriate for your business and how to best speak to target audience members. Working with a reseller outside of your field could mean that you have a lot of educating and informing to do.

Modern Methods

You should also investigate the methods that the reseller uses to distribute mass text messages to your clients and potentially interested parties. The right SMS reseller should use the most modern methods in the field. Skeptics might say that all methods of SMS are modern. However, consider how long text messaging has been around at this point. Advances in the field have happened, and experts have learned about the best techniques to reach their target audience members.

Focus on Content and Style

Selecting a reseller that focuses on both content and style is key to crafting deliberate texts that are well-received by recipients. In other words, the reseller should be able to provide messages that relay the information that recipients need to know in a stylish and catchy fashion. The texts should also be written in a clear, concise manner that prioritizes appropriate spelling and grammar. Messy text messages create problems. In fact, if recipients receive texts that are filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, these individuals might think that the messages are scams or otherwise dubious.


In the early stages of selecting an SMS reseller, you may consult with a few different prospects to find the right fit. Consider how responsive the reseller is to your inquiries, concerns and questions. A reseller with communication issues is not a good place to put your money. Keep in mind that communication is at the core of a strong SMS program. Work with a reseller that demonstrates stellar skills in this area. If you communicate with the reseller through text at all yourself, really look at those messages to see how they are formed and written.

Organizational Skills

Sending out mass text messages involves a high level of organizational skills. In addition to sending the messages out at the right time to suit the needs and preferences of your audience members, these notifications also should be dispersed simultaneously. While messages can go out late after the initial batch in the case of mistakes, sending out the same message at wildly different times can have a negative effect on customers. For example, if you don’t notify customers about a sale or an event with enough advanced notice, there may be low interest in the deal or attendance at the happening. You can gauge the reseller’s organizational skills by the portfolio and by how communications with the company occur.


Taking the cost into account is a must for any business with a budget. However, do keep in mind that the lowest-cost option is not always the best one. In other words, the lowest-cost providers might fail to offer the latest technologies or skimp when it comes to responding to your inquiries in a timely fashion. On the other hand, going for the priciest option, especially when you’re new to using SMS, might not be the best possibility either. Ideally, you’ll find a plan that fits with your company’s budget while still receiving high-quality service from the reseller.

Using SMS services is a stellar way to bring your business up to the next level. Chances are that if your business isn’t currently using SMS, at least some customers are wondering why. Therefore, by taking this step, you can fulfill consumer demand, painting your business more positively in the eyes of both current and prospective customers.

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