What Security Threats Does Your Organization Have in 2020?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:04 am

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Security companies are always busy keeping an eye on the new bugs and cyber threats coming in the market, finding ways to make current solutions even better, and delivering flawless results to their customers. These companies work day and night to keep security threats away from their clients. However, every year, new security threats arise, and to combat new threats, all security testing companies worldwide must upgrade themselves. How is your security testing company planning to combat security threats of 2020? Here are some of the security threats you must prepare your company to fight with:

Phishing Becoming Dangerous

Phishing has been one of the oldest yet most adaptable security threats. If you think that phishing has gotten too old for you to worry about or that you can handle it easily, take our word you are making a huge mistake. This is still the biggest threat your company can come face to face at any time of the year. Since these attacks target people, they are the most successful attacks so far. They have been observed to slowly move towards texts, social media, fake offers, and gaming platforms.

Ransomware Becoming Stronger

Over the past year, the cases of ransomware attacks have reached a new high as companies have suffered huge losses. Before that, only Windows users were the target but now, attackers have started attacking Linux users and cloud applications as well. So it is the right time for you to start training your employees to fight against ransomware if you want your security testing company to become successful in 2020.

Internet Forums are Not Safe

A lot of people like to use internet forums either to stay connected to the world or to seek help from people. Even though these forums were designed to help out people, they have become one of the biggest cyber threats for people as cybercriminals have started targeted them. Experts have suggested that more cyberattacks due to the stolen information from these forums are expected in the year 2020. So your company must be ready to work for these forums and secure the information of every user.

Are AI and ML on Our Side?

It seems like the addition of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a great advantage but one should not forget this combination is a two-edged sword. Where a lot of companies are using this combination to keep cyber threats at bay, cybercriminals have started using it to scan networks and take advantage of the discovered vulnerabilities. Attacks made with the help of the AI/ML gathered data are usually more successful than the blind attacks. As a security testing company, you must know how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to your advantage as well as to keep yourself safe from the times they can become a huge threat for you and your clients.


These threats might look like no big deal but if you ask us, we will suggest you not take them easily and prepare to fight with them any time in the near future for you never know if your organization is next on the target list. Find out more on mobile security risks and 5G here.

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