What is a Blackout Game in High School Football?

Last updated on April 6th, 2024 at 12:05 pm

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A Blackout game in High School Football is a special game where the fans are asked to wear black clothes to show their support for the team. This happens at school or work before the game. 

This is different from the Blackout game in the NFL. In High School Football, the Blackout game is all about fans wearing black clothes to support their team. Many students play High School Football, and that's why lots of schools have Blackout games. It's like a tradition for some teams.

But what exactly is a Blackout game? Why do people like it? Are there any problems with having Blackout games?

What Does "Blackout Game" Mean in High School Football?

A Blackout game in High School Football is when fans wear the school's colors to support their team. These colors are often black, gold, and white, which are traditional colors for many schools. These games are usually held on Friday nights, but sometimes they happen on other days too.

The reason for a Blackout game is to show that you're proud of your school's sports teams. When you go to one of these games, you'll see lots of people wearing black or gold clothes to show they're cheering for the team. Some people might even paint themselves in these colors to show even more support.

How Did Blackout Games in High School Football Start?

The first Blackout game in high school happened in 1956, and it's been a tradition ever since. It started as a way to collect money for the teams, but it has changed over time.

At the beginning, schools used Blackout games to make money by selling tickets and having everyone wear black clothes to the game. The idea was that if everyone was dressed in black, you couldn't easily spot your friends in the crowd.

The meaning of these games has also changed. In the past, they were mostly about raising funds for sports teams. But now, many schools use them to support important things like mental health awareness or preventing violence. Sometimes, schools just do it for fun and a chance to dress up.

Why Do Schools Hold Blackout Games?

In short, schools have Blackout games to support their teams and show their school spirit. Here's why:

The main reason is simple – it's a chance for all the students to come together and cheer for their team during their games. Even though it might not seem like a big deal, it's important. If not many people come to watch the games, the players might not feel as excited to play. The support from the crowd makes a big difference. A Blackout game is a way to show that everyone cares.

It can also be a way to collect money for the school or a good cause. Plus, having a Blackout game helps everyone feel like they're part of a team.

So, Blackout games are about supporting, having fun, and doing good things for your school!

How Do High School Football Teams Plan and Do Blackout Games?

Setting up a Blackout game is a bit more involved than other games. For instance, schools need to ensure they have enough uniforms and gear for all players. Here's how High School Football teams typically organize and do Blackout games:

Picking a Date: The team chooses a date and time for the game and lets their fans know about it.

Choosing a Theme: They decide on a theme, like "Blackout" or "whiteout," and ask fans to wear the same colors.

Game Day Preparation: On game day, the team gets to the stadium early to practice and review their game plan.

Game Time: They take the field, follow their plan, and try to win while making fans proud.

Celebrating: After the game, they celebrate with their fans and look forward to the next one.

Keeping Fans Happy: They also make sure to have fun stuff happening during breaks to keep fans excited and focused on the game.

That's how High School Football teams set up and have fun with Blackout games!

Besides getting ready for Blackout games, schools need to pay attention to safety worries that come with this kind of event:

When schools have Blackout games, there might be more people than usual, so there could be more injuries, especially if fights happen.

Also, because it gets dark earlier in the fall, players might not see as well as usual. This could make them accidentally trip over something or have trouble catching passes or kicking field goals at night.

Blackout games are important for high schools to show their school pride, and they're a way for students to have fun with their friends.

For fans, Blackout games are a chance to support their team in a special way. When fans wear black clothes to the game, it makes them feel like they're all part of a team together. It can also make the other team's fans feel a little bit worried. Blackout games are usually really exciting and lots of people come to watch, so they're a big deal for high school football teams.

For many people who played football in high school, remembering Blackout games is something they'll always love, even if they didn't keep playing in college or as professionals.

Themes are like fun ideas to make Blackout games even more exciting. Here are some cool themes and how they're done:

"Blackout the Stadium": Fans wear all-black clothes and sometimes cool stuff like face paint or masks. It's a way for everyone to look like a team and stand out from other schools.

Neon or Glow-in-the-Dark: This theme is super cool. They use special lights and paint that glows in the dark. It makes the game look and feel different and exciting.

Just remember to be safe and have fun with your theme!

A Blackout game in High School Football is when the home team wears all-black uniforms. These games make the home team happier, get more help from the community, and win more often.

During Blackout games, players enjoy themselves because they look cool in their uniforms. This boosts their confidence and they feel like stars with everyone watching and cheering for them.

Teams with strong community support are tough to beat. When lots of people are cheering for you, it's like having an extra player on your side. This makes home games really powerful and helps the team do well.

Safety is really important in High School Football, and Blackout games have their own safety concerns. You need a plan for emergencies or bad weather during the game.

What if the power goes out? How will coaches talk? What if something bad happens? Everyone should know where to go, who to call, and what to do.

When you play in a big group, know where the field ends. Since it's dark, be careful not to trip or fall.

If you play at night without lights, coaches and players should think about these things before the game starts. That way, everyone is ready if things get busy later in the evening.

As more and more people like Blackout games, we might wonder what will happen to them in the future. Will they still be popular? Or will they go away because high school sports are becoming more about money and companies?

People have been doing Blackout games for a long time, but some schools want to come up with new and cool ideas. One idea is to have famous local people or athletes design special uniforms. This can get more fans excited and make them feel special because they're wearing something unique that not many others have.

There are some ways to make Blackout games in High School Football even better. One way is to have good lighting on the field, so players can see well and not get hurt.

Another way is to make sure the stands aren't too crowded, so people can move around easily. And also, the music shouldn't be too loud, so everyone can hear the announcers and understand the game.


People can show school spirit by wearing black clothes to the game.


Some people might not have the right color clothes and feel left out or uncomfortable.

For example, at tailgating parties before the game.


 It's important to remember that safety concerns should be thought about before planning these events for your school or team.