User Experience: A Core Component of Web Development in 2020
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We have spent most of our 2020 surfing through different websites and apps; some we loved and others we just didn’t. There are two main reasons that you may not like the website: either it has a poor user interface or a horrible user experience design.

In this article, we will be shedding light on why user experience has become a key element to a successful web page. So stay tuned because you don’t wanna miss this!

What Exactly Is User Experience?

User experience is a deep understanding of the users, including their needs, values, abilities, and limitations regarding a certain product. A UX designer’s main job is to create a product outline with high usability value. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, once said:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

A good UX design is the one that is human-friendly; keeping this concept in mind, the following are the 7 factors of which a UX designer needs to take care of:


The product being designed should be easy to use, or else it will kill the appeal.


The product should be of use to the customer; nothing more, nothing less.


The product should have an irresistible appeal. Different elements are implemented to achieve this goal.


The product needs to be easily accessible, even for the differently-abled.


The value attached to the product determines its worth in the market. A product with no value is just a wasted investment.


Building trust is the key aspect to gain success. A product should be credible enough to make users believe it’s the best thing out there.


The product should be easy to find, both online and offline.

User Experience Design In Website Development

The digital medium is all about customer satisfaction. A dissatisfied customer can cause real damage to a brand on digital mediums. Thus, a website needs to ensure an optimal user experience.

According to the latest stats, more than 65% of internet users prefer browsing a UX optimized website compared to a plain web page. Due to the availability of ide options, digital media users have developed a habit of browsing only the websites that are convenient to use. A website that is well planned is/has:

  • Always easier to use
  • A simple layout, making it convenient for the user to navigate through the website
  • Easily accessible and finding the desired page is not a problem at all

All these factors, in time, will not only increase the reach and conversions necessary for boosting sales but also make a website trustworthy and credible.

Importance Of UX Design

Increases Website Conversions

In the digital world, there are no shortcomings when it comes to options. However, people prefer buying from websites that are easy to use.

According to some of the stats, a website optimized for user experience design can increase the conversion rates to 400%. It is a proven fact that people love to interact with websites that are easily accessible, and the ease of use convinces them to buy more often.

Therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention to the user experience aspect while developing your own website.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

There is a misconception among digital marketers that SEO only depends on keyword optimization; in reality, it is just one of the multiple factors that affect SEO rankings.

Google’s priority is to show its users a search result that is rich in those websites that are designed for the consumers. Therefore, the new algorithm separates the best from the rest, and only those websites are highly ranked that are developed by keeping the UX design priority.

As discussed above, an effective user experience design can improve your search engine ranking by many folds, so make sure you hire developers who pay equal attention to the UX design as they do to the UI.

Builds Trust And Credibility

A website that functions is far better than the one that only has an attractive user interface.

Honestly speaking, users are least bothered about the looks of a web page. What interests them the most is a website’s functionality. If it is user-friendly, the chances are that a potential prospect will convert into a buyer.

Generally, websites with appealing user experience design are more credible and trustworthy compared to the ones with flawed UX designs.

Boosts Sales

User experience design elevates the reliability of an online operating business. Easy to use online platforms attract huge web traffic and conversions. Due to this fact, there has been a huge demand for agencies that offer premium UX design services.

The recent trends suggest that the companies who regularly keep a check on the user experience design of their website perform better than the ones who don’t. A website that is developed, keeping the user a priority doesn’t need marketing benefits a lot from word of mouth advertising, which increases the revenues in the long run.

Saves Up A Fortune

An accurate user experience design prior to website launch can save you a ton of fortune.

To ensure the efficiency of your website UXdesig it is recommended to run it through tests. This includes the evaluation of the website by a sample of the target users. This process helps web developers further in refining the user experience.

However, any changes done after the website launch will cost you a lot more.

Wrapping It Up

Users may get stunned by great UI, but the user experience is the factor that will ensure their return to your website.

A pleasant experience connects the user emotionally; design aesthetics and captivating content make your website a complete package that will ensure high lead generation.

In the end, we would recommend that for a smooth user experience, make sure that your website has the following:

  • Smooth navigation: it helps users reach their destinations quickly.
  • Readable content: this will ensure that your message gets across.
  • Performance: people are allergic to slow browsing websites. Always check your website’s loading speeds on a regular basis.

Responsive: the websites should be responsive and optimized for every device because most of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

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