How to Fix Common iPhone Repair Issues Like a Pro
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We have an expert guide for you on fixing common iPhone repair issues like a pro. We’ll make you familiar with all the know-how you need in order to bring your iPhone to its former glory. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to replace your iPhone’s screen with a brand new one by only using a screwdriver, a suction handle, and a spudger. 

You will also learn how to replace your iPhone’s dying battery by unscrewing your iPhone, taking the old battery out, and putting a new one in. We will guide you on how to factory reset your iPhone to get rid of those annoying software glitches. 

So, let’s dive in to embrace those DIY iPhone repairs in Peoria and save some money. But there can be times when you’ll need professional services(and we provide the best ones, don’t worry!).

Common iPhone Issues

Tips to Fix Common iPhone Repair Issues

  • Screen Replacement

Once you’ve gathered the necessary tools and prepared your workspace, it’s time to address that cracked screen.

  1. Remove the Screws: For a cracked or broken screen, start by removing the screws around the edge of the device using the pentalobe screwdriver. Carefully keep track of these screws to avoid losing any.
  2. Suction and Separation: Use the suction handle to lift the broken screen slightly. Then, gently insert the spudger to separate the screen from the body. Be patient and careful to avoid causing additional damage.
  3. Replace the Screen: Once the old screen is removed, replace it with a new one, making sure to connect all the cables securely. Reverse the steps to reassemble your iPhone.
  • Battery Replacement

Now, let’s tackle those annoying battery issues and take a step forward to become an iPhone repair expert in Peoria. 

  1. Open the iPhone: Begin by removing the screws around the edge of the iPhone using the pentalobe screwdriver. Carefully open the device with the spudger, revealing the internal components.
  2. Disconnect the Old Battery: Locate the battery and disconnect it from the motherboard. Use the spudger to pry it loose gently.
  3. Install the New Battery: Carefully place the new battery in the same location and reconnect it to the motherboard. Secure the iPhone’s casing and screws, and power it on.
  • Software Glitches

For software glitches, the key is to perform a factory reset. Go to your iPhone’s Settings, select General, then Reset. Choose Erase All Content and Settings, and your iPhone will return to its factory condition.

Seek Professional Help

For more complex issues or if you’re uncomfortable with DIY repairs, it’s wise to consult a professional iPhone repair service in Peoria. They have the expertise and equipment to handle intricate problems, ensuring your iPhone is in safe hands.

Prevention is Key

The best way to avoid iPhone repair issues is by taking preventive measures. Invest in a durable case, a screen protector, and a trustworthy backup system. Regularly update your iOS to avoid software glitches and stop overcharging your battery.


After reading this blog, you are well-equipped with common iPhone repair solutions. Always make sure that you have the right tools with you, find a safe workplace, and identify the problem properly. You’re now armed and ready for screen replacement, changing the battery, and fighting with software errors. And if the need arises, don’t forget about Fix My Gadget, the best iPhone repair shop in Peoria, which is always there to tackle your iPhone problems.

Try out these master tricks on iPhone repairs. Be like a professional and fix some of the most common problems without any extra costs in your pocket. Therefore, when that anticipated ordeal of the iPhone occurs, you’ll do so with knowledge and aplomb. You will get a working iPhone and pay very little.

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