How to Choose the Best Features While Developing MVP App
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MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is an essential step in the mobile app development process.

App developers use MVP to validate an app idea before building the full-fledged app with all its bells and whistles.

This ensures that in case the idea does not find favor with the target audience, the overall loss in terms of resources and time spent is kept at a minimum.

A mobile app MVP is the basic version of a complete product that is released as a test case in the market.

Therefore, it is the ideal stage to introduce important features to find out about their acceptance from the target customers.

In this article, we will share with you the best way to select amazing features that would make your app attractive to your target audience.

Learn How to Select Important Features for the MVP App

The following steps would explain to you how to prioritize the list of features that you want to include in the MVP.

Target users

The first part would be to identify your target audience.

Once you find your target audience, then you need to decide how to satisfy the needs with the least functionality.

In this, you have to figure out the needs and the pain points of the user.

This will help you to figure out what kind of digital solution the user of your app will want.

You can do some research about the issues which your target audience may struggle to do in their daily life or even at their work.

Now select those features that would address these potential pain points.

Getting detailed information about various pain points of the target audience can be done through interviews, surveys, or role-playing.

Must have and good to have features

It is important that from an early stage you distinguish between must have and good to have features.

You should include only those features that are critical for the core value offering of your mobile app.

If you can identify these features quite early on, then you can develop the MVP and market it faster to validate your idea.

Your MVP should have only essential features that would improve the overall experience of the user.

Look at one segment only

You may want to launch an app that would be used by multiple segments of our society.

However, it would be imprudent to target all these segments on day one itself.

We suggest that you should focus on those customers who are likely to adopt your mobile app first.

Once you find out who the earlier adopter of your mobile app, then you have to find out the important features that would favor them.

Better than the main competitor

You must look at the main competitors of your app in the market.

Research the most popular features of their apps.

Now try to include these features in your app in a new way so that not only do they offer a better value but are also easier to use.

The moment you launch your MVP, your target audience would try to compare it with the existing market-leading apps that focus on the same segment.

Once they find your app is offering better features and functionality, then it would find favor with them.

The platform

Certain features may work flawlessly on an iOS platform and then some that would work without any issue on the Android platform.

Once you decide on the platform, then you can decide only those features that can function optimally on it.

Wrapping it up

A well-designed MVP will not only help in validating your ideas but also help you to raise funds for the project.

Therefore, you need to think carefully about essential features that solve critical problems for your target audience. Follow the steps we have mentioned above carefully to choose features for your MVP app.  

After choosing these features, you should follow an effective process to build an MVP app. If you are not familiar with the process, you can refer to the guide on How to build an MVP app. 

By choosing the right features and following a proven process, you can validate your MVP app efficiently. Moreover, this will ensure a higher chance of success for your MVP app.

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