Why Mobile App Startups Should Choose Flutter App Development?
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Almost 90% of startups fail to continue their business every year. There are countless reasons why they fail. One of those reasons is bad decisions. You might think that it is satisfactory for your startup business to develop a simple app that does not offer much to the customers. You are wrong. Why? It is wrong because customers desire value and when they do not get what they want from you, they will go elsewhere. Do not make the mistake to let go of even a single customer.

You need to choose the right technology to develop an app for our business. It is important because with the right technology you can develop an app that gives a flawless cross-platform experience to the users. Today is not the time when you think of your business app as an extra expense, it is a necessary expense. Most businesses have their own business app, and there is no reason why you should not have one.

Flutter Explained

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform app development framework developed by Google. It helps developers in creating scalable apps with a single codebase. If you are not familiar with app development, you would not know why it matters. Previously, app developers had to write separate codes for different platforms. With Flutter, they can create an app for multiple platforms using only one codebase. An app developed using Flutter will give the same user experience on Android and iOS.

Why Should Startups opt for Flutter?

Now you might understand why Flutter is more useful. So, let us move on to see why startups should choose Flutter when they create an app for their business. The most important questions that startups ask are, how they can develop a cost-effective app? And, how can their app stand out amongst thousands of other apps? The simple answer to these questions is to have a unique idea and a cross-platform app. Let us see some advantages and features that Flutter has to offer.

Low Cost of Development

Building an app with Flutter is relatively cheaper because developers can write a single codebase, and then use it to create an app that works across platforms. There are other cross-platform app development frameworks, but they are not as flawless as Flutter. An app developed with Flutter works seamlessly on every operating system and reduces the maintenance cost as well.

Quick App Development

Startups in the UAE are looking for apps that can be developed in the least amount of time. The trend of mobile app development in UAE is shifting towards using Flutter. Creating an app with Flutter saves time because developers do not need to rewrite codes for different operating systems. So, they can develop an app with Flutter more quickly in comparison to creating Native apps for each operating system.

Ease of Choosing Plugins

With Flutter, developers have a wide range of plugins to choose from. Plugins help in making the whole development process flawless and comfortable. Developers can create their own custom plugins, or use the ones made by others.

Less Time in Testing

Time is money for everyone, but for startups, it is something they cannot afford to lose. They need to get things done quickly. Apps developed with Flutter only need to be tested on one version of the application. It is quick and saves a lot of time for startups.

Reusable Code

Codes written for Flutter are reusable. Developers only need to write the code once and it will work to create the app for different operating systems. This is the most significant advantage of Flutter. Startups cannot waste their time and money when they can get the same thing done with ease.

High Efficiency & Performance

Startups need to develop an app that works seamlessly for every user. They cannot let their customers come across a bug that would ruin their user experience. An experience is what businesses sell. Without a perfect experience, businesses might not have much to offer. Flutter apps give excellent performance, optimum efficiency, least loading speed, and easy navigation.

Lots of Widgets

Startup businesses should not let go of any opportunity they get. Flutter gives developers a broad catalogue of widgets to choose from. These fantastic widgets work perfectly on every operating system. Some of these widgets are fonts, icons, navigation, and scrolling. Developers use these widgets because it makes app development hassle-free.

Faster Availability in the Market

Flutter apps take less time in development and testing. This allows startups to develop and deploy their business app faster than their competitors. The sooner they can get their app in the market, the better it is for their growth. It also helps in getting early feedback from users.

User Experience

Customers of startup businesses are looking for a rich and unique experience. Flutter’s rendering engine gives developers the ability to customize apps the way they want. Startups can ask developers to customize the app according to their needs. The result is an aesthetically pleasing design and user interface that attracts more customers.


Firebase is a backend solution that comes with Flutter. It delivers user authentication protocols, a real-time database, a hosting solution, and strong support. Startups can enjoy the features of Firebase without paying anything extra for backend processes. Its automation tool helps in the deployment of the app and makes the update process easier.


Startups should choose Flutter because it has amazing features that help in developing an innovative mobile app. Flutter’s cross-platform app development is ideal for startups that have a limited budget. Its efficient GPU rendering UI allows the app to work on multiple interfaces. It saves a lot of time for startups in getting their app to the market. Users love an experience that is built around them and with Flutter startups can create such an experience. The Flutter community has over two million developers. This makes it easier for developers to find viable solutions and plugins that help startups give the best user experience to their customers.

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