Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses
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Any software decision that is needed to be made for a small business requires more focus and consideration than that for a large business. Limited resources and a tight budget may restrict you but a well-researched software selection often goes a long way in your business’ journey if done right. 

Email Marketing returns know no bounds. Email Marketing can get your businesses up and running and within no time can help you become the king in your industry if done the right way. Well, now that you are here today, it already means you are well aware of the Importance of Email Marketing in your success journey. So let us skip that and get to the main part. 

The main question arises now – How can Email Marketing be done right?

With automation taking over the industry like a storm, there is no way you can survive without Email Marketing Software for your marketing strategies. 

But with thousands of companies pitching and making the same claims regarding the software they sell, it often gets confusing for marketers to decide on picking the best email marketing software for their business. 

That is exactly why we have come to your rescue – In this blog today, we are going to help you learn a few things that you need to know before buying the Right Email Marketing Software for your business. 

Before we get to the right tools for your business, let us get you to understand what exactly you should be looking for in an Email Marketing Software. 

Features should your Email Marketing Software possess?

‘Writing Emails’ and ‘pressing the send button’ are not the only 2 things that would suffice your marketing efforts today. Platforms today offer services that you may never have even thought of. Here are some of the features that you should look out for – features that can immensely reduce your efforts and still help you execute an incredible email campaign. 

Email Marketing Automation 

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How does the idea of  ‘sending the right email at the right time’ sound to you?

And that works as good as it sounds! 

Yes, Automation is the key to reducing human effort and fetching more results. It can be of various types but the major functionality remains the same. 

  • Triggering your subscribers by sending them the right emails at the right time can tremendously increase your conversions. Such triggering emails can be automated and set in your system.  
  • Removing subscribers from the list or sending personalized emails based on their information 
  • Automation of the Email Workflows designed. 

These are a few Email Marketing tasks that you can automate and look out for, while picking your best software and it will surely bring out the best results by saving you more time to focus on the real matters – such as building strategies, monitoring progress, maintaining relationships and bringing about major improvements. 

Drag & Drop Builders and Templates 

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Long gone are the days when only your content would grab your subscriber’s attention. With an overflowing inbox, you have to find out ways your Email would stand out. To do that, you have to have eye-catchy box elements that can easily redesign the outlook of your simple text without having to put in a lot of time and effort. 

So look out for software that provides you with extraordinary attention-grabbing templates or has an Easy Drag & Drop Builder to customize your email’s look. 

Tools to Build Your List

You may have heard the saying – “The money is in the list” far too many times now, right?

It is time to put it into practice. 

While you are at it, make sure that you pick software that has sufficient list-building tools like forms, polls, surveys, etc. as it is the stairway to level up your email marketing game. Being a small business, you can tap on great opportunities and see your business growing if you can build on a list of subscribers.  

You should also see if you need any external technical resources to be able to access those tools in the software. 

Check out the Deliverability Tools of the Software 

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Being a small business owner, you must be well aware of the importance that each of your emails holds in your campaign journey. That is exactly why you should ensure that each of your emails makes it to your subscriber’s inbox and maintain your sender reputation as well. 

Make sure that the software you are picking ensures maximum deliverability. 

A/B Testing tools

If you’re a smart marketer who knows what will give you the best results, you would know how important  A/B Testing is or what is commonly referred to as ‘Split Testing’ in Email Marketing.

A/B Testing tools take away your burden of optimizing your email campaigns and run A/B testing for you. With A/B Testing tools, you get to know what subject lines would work perfectly for your audience and would get their attention, what kind of email content has more probability of pulling in your subscriber for making a purchase and what kind of Call to Action (CTA) buttons would trigger action. A/B testing improves your business’ overall engagement with your subscribers through improved versions of your email campaigns.

Look out for a software that tells you to comfortably sit back on your seat without worrying about anything at all while it automatically runs split testing inside of automation sequences and thereby help you to ultimately optimize your email campaigns. 

Reports Your Progress 

Your marketing efforts go in vain if you do not know how to measure your progress. Reporting tools make it easier for you to measure how your campaign is performing and tells you about the areas that lack and thereby need improvement. 

Therefore, while purchasing your software, do keep an eye on the reporting tools that are available in your software. Before that, assess the metrics that you need to know to track your marketing efforts and make sure that it aligns with the software you pick. 

Best Email Marketing Software Pick For Your Small Business 


This is a definite pick if you want an all in one software for your business’ needs. Its multifaceted features help you to make sure that your campaigns are rock solid and that you can achieve all that you intend to, through this unmatchable software. Not only that, the reason it has made it to this list is that it ticks on every feature that we mentioned above and is available to you at an extremely affordable price.

Here are some of the features that make this software stand out:

  • It makes sure that you have all the dynamic tools that you need to make your strategies effective and engage with your subscribers on a personal note.
  • It makes sure that whatever effort you put in your marketing counts by providing you an in-depth reporting of your progress that you can study and work upon at each stage. 
  • It ensures that you send out targeted emails by segmenting your lists, it helps you with setting up email newsletters, preparing workflows, and even automating your process. 
  • It also maximizes your business’ engagement with its customers by making use of personalization by embedding your emails with dynamic images, videos, etc. 
  • It comes with a tool to design your emails easily with customizable templates for getting your user’s attention too. 
  • It can very easily be integrated with all the other external important tools that you might feel that you need for your business to grow. 

With this tool, you can get the best of both worlds as it helps you speak volumes about your business through your emails and tops it with the perfect timing! 


Every marketer today is making an effort to change the way their business is performing today. Everyone aims for progressing in a manner that makes the others in the same industry want to turn around to look at them and applaud!

Today, everyone has creative ideas that can turn around the fate of their businesses. 

These ideas do not lack the potential needed for achieving that but what is stopping them from achieving their ultimate goal is the execution. 

You must be familiar with the saying “No size fits all”. 

Well, that makes sense here as picking out just any email marketing software to see results is not advisable for your business’ success. To see a difference, you need to learn about your business more than you already know and see what your business needs. Pen down the needs and make a list. Get out there and see what software is making you tick that list the most and that if it fits your pockets. 

Once you are done, you can pat yourself on your back for taking one step closer to making your marketing efforts make a difference in your business! 

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