AngularJS vs Vue.js – Which Framework is Ideal for Web Development?

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 05:03 am

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While there are various and prominent web technologies available in the market, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the leading technologies used for web development. JavaScript plays a significant role in web development. It is the heart ofthe front-end development of web applications. Amongst numerous JavaScript front-end web development frameworks, there are two best frameworks that can be used for developing web apps. Most of the people often fall into the dilemma as to which one will meet their requirements and deliver the right services – AngularJSvs Vue.js. Well, both frameworks have their own sets of merits and demerits. Therefore, you need to select the right framework to ensure the success of your web application.

For your convenience, here’s a comprehensive AngularJS vs Vue.js comparison guide that will help you identify the difference between these frameworks and choose the most suitable one for web application development. Keep reading on to know the key differences between AngularJS vs Vue.js.

AngularJS vs Vue.JS – A Brief Introduction


Createdand supportedby Google, AngularJS is an open-source,Java-Script-based framework used for front-end web development. AngularJS offers a rich set of unique features that significantly reduce the amount of code as well as development effort and time to develop a fully functional application.

Quick Facts About AngularJS

  • Google engineers maintain and support AngularJS to overcome the challenges faced during single-page app development. The AngularJS framework is based on the Mode-View-Control architecture as its approach is modular towards web application development.
  • AngularJS has more than one JS file. Any application that uses AngularJS has the core file as it consists of important framework features. Other modules and files can be easily added to extend the functionality that was developed on top of the main feature.
  • Angular JS allows the developer to developGUI (Graphical User Interface) for highly dynamic and intuitive webapplications.
  • This framework is widely used for developing single-page applications as it allows developers to write custom HTML codes and integrate them with other user interface development tools.


Vue is another popular JavaScript-based front-end development framework. This framework can be easily integrated with other existing projects and libraries as well. The installation of Vue is quite simple and therefore, even beginners can get started with UI development easily. Vue offers better performance, flexibility, and ease of use than Angularwhich allows developers to build interfaces easily.

Quick Facts About Vue.js

  • Vue was developed by Evan You after employing AngularJS in various projects in Google. Vue makes front-end web development more approachable. Beginners can easily pick up and get started as it is less opinionated. One of the greatest fortes of the Vue.js framework is that its architecture is extremely flexible.
  • Vue’s core library focuses more on component structureand declarative rendering. This front-end development framework can be integrated with existing web pages as well. Also, when you need to design reactive web applications, Vuehas the potential to do it within a short timeframe. It can be seamlessly configured and customized to match the specific needs of existing pages.
  • Vueis based on the virtual DOM (Document Object Model). Instead of changing the DOM directly, it changes the replica of DOM. Final changes are then made to the real DOM that will be viewed by the users.

So, this was a brief overview of both front-end web development frameworks. Now let’s compare AngularJS vs Vue.js based on the following factors.

AngularJS vs Vue.js – A Comprehensive Comparison

1. Popularity

When comparing AngularJS vs Vue.js in terms of popularity, both frameworks are very popular. As per the latest survey by Stack Overflow 2021, Vue.js is more popular than AngularJS. According to Google Trends, people are talking more about AngularJS than Vue.js in 2021. And, according to NPM Trends, both the frameworks are having cut-throat competition.

However, as AngularJS is backed by tech giant Google, many developers prefer to use AngularJS because of its large community support, rich set of unique features, and modular nature. Vue.js, on the other hand, is slowly gaining popularity but will soon be a good competitor for Angular in the future.

2. Performance

The AngularJS framework uses real DOM which makes it an ideal option for developing single-page applications where content is updated occasionally.Moreover, AngularJS uses the two-way data binding process that replicates all the changes made in the Model into the View in an intuitive, efficient, and secure way. Since AngularJS is loaded with many features and while building a heavy application, it will decrease your performance, unlike Vue.

Vue.js, on the other hand,uses virtual DOM to delivera bug-free andhigh performance application as well as memory allocation. However, as it is a young framework and has small community support, many people prefer to use Angular over Vue.

3. Dependencies

AngularJS needs to import the essential modules to get started while Vue.js does not have an in-built feature like Angular.

4. Compatibility

When comparing AngularJS vs Vue.js on the basis of compatibility, Vue.js is the winner. AngularJS projects cannot be Angular 2 because of several core differences. Vue.js supports backward compatibility.

5. Learning Curve

Since AngularJS is a complete solution, it has a steep learning curve. If you want to work with the Angular framework, you need to master associated concepts like MVC and TypeScript. Therefore, learning Angular is a time-taking process.

Vue, on the other hand, offers a higher customized option, and therefore, it has the easiest learning curve than Angular. Beginners can get started with development using the CDN library.

6. Flexibility

With AngularJS, it is difficult to start working with other projects. On the contrary, Vue.js can be easily integrated with existing projects without any hassle or issues.

7. Framework Size

When comparing AngularJSvs Vue.js based on their sizes, Vue.js is a lightweight framework with approximately 80KB size whereas AngularJS is a heavy-weight application with approximately 500KB size. From templates to testing utilities, AngularJS empowers developers with a wide range of features. Therefore, if you want to build a large-scale and feature-rich application, then you should consider AngularJS web development as the framework keeps it small and compact.

Vueprovides the smallest libraries and frameworks that are simple to access. Therefore, if you want to build lightweight web applications and single-page applications, then Vue.js can be the best option.

8. Developer-friendliness

If you want to use multiple functionalities of AngularJS, you need to have strong knowledge of TypeScript coding. If you don’t know, you will have to learn from scratch which takes time. But with Vue.js, having the knowledge of JavaScript is enough to get started with web application development. So, if your client wants to develop an application within the shortest timeframe, then Vue.js can be the perfect choice for you. It is a time-saving and easy-to-develop application framework.

9. Development Time

If your client wants to build a long-term, fully customized, and more dynamic application, then AngularJS is the best choice. However, if there’s a need to complete the project in the shortest possible timeframe and add features in the future by integrating more extensions in the framework,then Vue.js is a good option.

10. Type of Applications

If your client wants to develop more industrial and heavier projects and has a large team of developers working on the front-end, then AngularJS is an ideal framework for front-end web application development. Vue.js is more suitable for building lightweight web applications.

11. Community Support

Since AngularJS was released by Google in 2010, it is maintained and supported by the tech giant continuously. Google also releases frequent updates every six months. So, the AngularJS framework keeps on improving to provide users with great features, ease of use, and performance. Today, AngularJS is supported by a large and active community of developers.

Vue.js, on the other hand, is a new framework and therefore, has a small community of developers.

12. Companies

The AngularJS framework is used by some of the leading companies including Microsoft, The Guardian, Autodesk, Apple, PayPal, Sony, Adobe, Freelance, Upwork, Telegram, and many more.

Companies using Vue.js include Alibaba, Grammarly, GitLab, IPL Dashboard, EuroNews, Wizz Air, Xiaomi, and more.

Final Words

Hence, considering this AngularJS vs Vue.js comparison, it is clear that if you want to increase your business exposure in the market, then you should consider investing in AngularJS development services. The AngularJS framework is ideal for developing large UI applications. It highly opinionated than Vue and offers numerous features such as two-way data binding, routing, templates, testing utilities, and more.Vue.js is more suitable if you want to build lightweight applications within the shortest timeframe possible. Vue.js offers more flexibility and better performance than AngularJS.  Although Vue.js is younger, it is slowly becoming one of the most popular and loved JavaScript frameworks.

Both AngularJS and Vue.js have their pros and cons. Therefore, you need to select the right framework based on your requirements. I hope this blog post has cleared your doubts about AngularJS and Vue.js. If you need more help, you may contact a professional web development company for the right guidance.

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