ANGULARJS End of Life: Top Front End Development Alternatives
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Various frontend technologies are available to fabricate charismatic and engaging user interfaces in the development market. 

And Angular JS is also one of the most popular techs from the frontend stack. 

However, its utilization is declining, and developers do not prefer it anymore. It creates a lot of questions about the angular JS end of life. 

So, let’s further understand why Angular JavaScript is no longer in the trends and its alternatives you can use. 

Why is it AngularJS end of life? 

Following are the primary reasons you should find an alternative for Angular JS. 

  • There will be no official support from Angular JS. 
  • Only third-party support will be available, which can be expensive and extend your maintenance budget. 
  • All the Angular JS npm packages will be marked deprecated. 
  • Due to no support, it will not align with the latest trends, creating loopholes in the applications. 
  • As per the Angular JS policy, there is no more support, and all the users are advised to upgrade to a newer version, called Angular.  

AngularJS Alternatives: Unfolding the Top Frontend Development Technologies

React JS 

React JS is a leading frontend development library offering highly-responsive interfaces. 

It follows the virtual DOM architecture, providing every user with a seamless and smooth experience. In addition, it ensures to maintain the app stability through its one-way data binding mechanism. 

You can select ReactJS development as its primary frontend technology to develop apps and websites, whether a single-page application or a full-fledge web app. 

Moreover, it allows to development of mobile applications by extending its functionalities by providing React Native framework. You can cover each stakeholder’s need using it. 

And, to make its performance faster, you can embed JS components and optimize it for top rankings across search engines. 

Vue JS 

As an alternative for Angular JS, Vue is also a good option. 

It’s one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, executing its functions through a virtual DOM-based internal structure. 

Its easy-to-learn syntax is a primary reason behind its popularity among industry experts. 

Using Vue JS for UI development allows you to leverage its in-built components to add animations and transitions and enable even handling for impeccable user experience. 

In addition, it offers pre-build HTML-based templates, which you can link with its DOM and pass data to faster the development process and save cost.


JavaScript frameworks and libraries are consistently among the top alternatives of AngularJS, and Backbone JS is one of them. 

Backbone JS offers various development blocks for producing a scalable UI or client-side web app, including routers, models, events, views, etc. 

It ensures to update the HTML whenever the interface detects an action automatically. In addition, it provides ample documentation covering every edge, facilitating developers to build high-quality applications. 

Moreover, you can utilize it for maintaining the synchronization between multiple client and server-side systems. 


Meteor is a proficient JavaScript framework, enabling developers to craft a full-stack application. 

It has various built-in components, such as CSS and JS minification, hot code reloads, reactive templates, etc. 

Moreover, it has its cloud platform, known as Galaxy, helping businesses effortlessly scale up their resources and enhance app performance. 

Furthermore, if you want to build real-time web applications, Meteor must be your first choice. 

Its isomorphic Development Ecosystem contains all the vital tools, components, APIs, databases, and other elements to fabricate real-time apps from the ground.  

Sencha Ext

For building cross-platform applications, the Sencha Ext framework can help you. 

You can prefer it for furnishing overall single-page applications and embed its codebase with Ajax, DHTML, and DOM scripting. 

Moreover, it allows to use of either MVC or MVVM architecture and offers GUI-based components, which you can directly add to the interface and configure as per requirements. 

You can take advantage of its all-rounder testing to enhance the app’s quality and leverage the full potential of 130+ pre-built templates. 

It is the most relevant JavaScript framework, which accurately replaces Angular JS for developing HTML5 data-oriented apps. 


Aurelia is a robust framework that allows developers to use Vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript to build complex applications. 

It offers a wide variety of development tools in components, which includes: 

  • Command Line Interface
  • Plugin to embed VS Code
  • Chrome Debugger

By utilizing all these elements along with Aurelia’s reactive binding with an object, you can automate your interface to sync its state with UI components. 

Besides this, you can benefit from its client-side router for implementing data-driven and dynamic UI composition. For extending the functionality, its template generation control, template customization, and attribute integration with elements can support development. 


It is an open-source JavaScript library, freely accessible across online repositories. 

It follows the MVVM architecture and offers declarative binding with dependency tracking to maintain app stability. 

The primary aim of Knockout JS is to craft appealing, rich, and responsive interfaces, enhancing user engagement, conversion, and retention rate. 

Many software engineers prefer it over Angular, as it doesn’t mess with any other component as Angular mainly works with anchor URLs. You can create a cutting-edge legacy application with Knockout JS. 

Moreover, it enables linking HTML files with any data model for precisely focusing on every application layer. 


Engineers prefer Riot JS as a top priority framework for building IoT applications. 

With the help of its built-in modules, you can enable a secure connection between microcontrollers, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. 

 You can benefit from expandable memory management, compatible with Linux, macOS, and BSD-based machines. 

Whether maintaining data integrity, Quality of Services, or performance, Riot can efficiently all the elements and ensure a zero downtime app for all end-users. In addition, you can reuse the code and its components to save development time, even for large-scale and complex business solutions. 

Concluding Up 

Angular JS is a top-notch frontend development technology, and developers prefer it for software projects. 

However, it is not being consistently updated, which is a potential drawback in discontinuing it. Thus, various other JavaScript frameworks and libraries are capable of providing features and functionalities, likewise Angular JS. 

To build a responsive, attractive, and virtual DOM-based user interface, you can rely on React JS, Vue JS, Meteor, Knockout, Riot, etc. 

Therefore, you must always go through the components of every alternative frontend technology you will choose. 

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