8 Reasons Why Companies Use Salesforce CRM
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Your business is growing. You’ve got a great product or service, and you’re getting more and more clients daily. But, how do you stay organised? How do you keep track of all the different customers who are coming in and out of your business?

That’s where a CRM comes in. 

Businesses always looking for ways to improve their sales and marketing efforts can benefit from using the best CRM. The use of a CRM like Salesforce can help you do just that. This type of software has so many advantages, which is why it is becoming so popular.

What is a Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) solution that helps you manage and organise your business. You can access it from any device thanks to its cloud-based architecture. Businesses of all sizes, including small companies and large corporations, use Salesforce CRM. The software offers various features, including customer relationship management, marketing automation, and social selling.

Since the late 1990s, Salesforce has been available to clients and has developed into one of the most forward-thinking and all-encompassing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Because of this, it can satisfy all of your company’s requirements.

Why Salesforce Is the Best Available CRM Software

  1. It’s Easy to Use

The Salesforce platform is designed with ease of use in mind so that even people without technical backgrounds can quickly become productive with it. This means it won’t take long for new hires or temporary employees to get up to speed on the platform and start helping with sales activities. Furthermore, plenty of tools are available for those who need more advanced functionality as well.

  1. Highly Customizable

Salesforce’s flexibility makes it appealing. This cloud-hosted CRM may easily be customised for your business needs. You can make your own tabs within each module, which you can fill with information necessary to your business, like sales goals or possible sources of leads. You may customise reports and dashboards to display the information you need. These displays might offer purchase histories or contact information.

  1. It Has Powerful Analytics

Salesforce offers powerful analytics tools that allow you to analyse your sales data to obtain valuable insights into your business operations. You can also use these analytics tools to identify new trends within your industry to stay ahead of your competitors at all times. With these insights, you can make more informed decisions when conducting business operations.

  1. Multi Tenant Platform

Every user of Salesforce has access to the same instance of the software and the underlying infrastructure. This makes it possible for all users on the platform to get updates automatically and simultaneously while maintaining the confidentiality of their data. This ensures that you always have access to the most recent and innovative features and upgrades performed seamlessly and automatically three times a year.

  1. It’s Cloud-Based

Compared to other on-premises software, Salesforce is cloud-based, meaning your data is stored in the cloud instead of on your own servers. This provides several advantages, including increased security and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud computing also reduces hardware costs, helps prevent data loss, and allows for better collaboration between team members.

8 Reasons Why Salesforce CRM Is Used by Businesses

  1. Efficient Tracking of Leads and Opportunities

Salesforce enables you to access all your leads and opportunities in one place so that you can track them throughout their lifecycle better. You can also create custom fields and automate workflows, making it easier to keep track of your prospects and clients.

  1. Real-Time Data Access

Salesforce offers real-time data access, so you can see what’s happening in the moment — whether it’s an opportunity that just came up, an issue that needs your attention, or an important email from a client. In addition, SalesForce gives you access to raw data to help you make better decisions faster.

  1. Increased Revenue Opportunities

Salesforce CRM automates lead management, lead scoring, and contact management. This improves sales choices at every stage, increasing income potential. Salespeople may spend less time following up with prospects by automating tasks like filing contacts into folders or managing leads, growing their sales team productivity and performance.

  1. Better Relationship Management

Salesforce CRM simplifies customer tracking and purchase trends. The software will show how much each consumer spends and what they buy. It also lets you focus on personalization and upselling. This can boost revenues without wasting time on marketing efforts or sales pitches that may not work for everyone in your target group.

  1. Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Salesforce’s business-focused design can help you run your company more effectively from anywhere. Salesforce users can stay in touch with their customers no matter where they are by using the different mobile apps that Salesforce offers. 

With Salesforce Mobile, users can access Salesforce anywhere and anytime. No matter where users work or whether they belong to different companies, Salesforce Chatter allows them to communicate with their coworkers and teammates in real-time. Furthermore, you can streamline your workflow by automating email reminders and notifications to reduce manual effort and increase team efficiency.

  1. Automation of Processes

Salesforce CRM helps firms automate processes. Program users may automate lead tracking and contact management. Automating tasks saves time and effort. They can set up processes in advance to run automatically when specific conditions are met. Set up an automated email campaign that sends emails once someone fills up a form on your website or submits their contact information via email. In this scenario, the software would send the emails to the recipient immediately.

  1. Integration with other Tools

Salesforce CRM can integrate with many apps, which is a major benefit. It works with email marketing tools, accounting applications, and more. This boosts operating efficiency and saves time. Salesforce will automatically add leads and contacts from MailChimp and ConstantContact emails. Integrating Salesforce with your website means all visitors become leads or contacts. This lets you track everything related to your leads, including email delivery, conversion rate, and other analytics that help you make better campaign decisions.

  1. Analytics & Reports

This CRM’s most significant benefit is its analytics. They show pipeline success, opportunity efficacy, sales team efficiency, and sales rep performance. To better understand your business’ performance, you may look at specific data such as your company’s best-selling products and services, average transaction sizes, and more than 200 other variables.


Knowing what growth method works best for your business is vital when running a business. CRM systems can help you grow your business in several ways.

Several organisations have used Salesforce to grow customer bases and manage new customers effectively. If you are looking for the ideal CRM for your company, there is no need to continue your search. 

Using Salesforce CRM will help your business grow by improving its efficiency in marketing campaigns, lead generation, sales process automation, and reporting capabilities.

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