5 Logo Ideas for Cleaning & Maintaining
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A logo for any brand or business is important because it will bring attention to your business. It will also make the customers aware that your business does exist. 

When your target market is now aware of your business, they will become your potential customers and eventually become repeat or even loyal customers as long as they are satisfied with the product or service you have provided. 

Some Ideas to Use in Designing the Logo for Cleaning and Maintaining Businesses

After establishing that having a logo for your business helps to make it known by your target market, it is now time for you to make a logo that can catch the attention of your potential customers. 

Having the appropriate logo for your business will make it easier for your customers to recognize and remember your business and the services it provides. Here are some logo ideas that can help you design your own logo for your cleaning and maintenance business. 

Idea #1 Emphasize the Services That Your Business Provide

When customers think of a service company, they usually relate the brand with the tools primarily used for the services they are offering.

 An example would be a company that does car repair services. The logo that the customers would expect would have elements such as a wrench, a screwdriver, or other car tools. With these elements alone, the customers would already know what kind of service they provide. 

Another example would be a restaurant with plates or eating utensils incorporated in its logo. 

Keeping this in mind, you should incorporate elements used for cleaning as a part of the design of your janitorial logo. Some of the elements you can use in your logo are brooms, mops, and buckets. With a logo like this, it will be easier for the customers to know the kind of service you are offering. 

Idea #2 Know Your Competitors’ Logos

In any industry, competition is inevitable. You might be wondering how knowing your competitors can help with the design of your cleaning service logo. 

This can help you in many ways. For example, you observe your competitors and you found that the most common used item for their logos are mops. With this information alone, you can now have an idea to create a logo with a different cleaning elements such as buckets or soaps, so your customers can distinguish your company from others. 

When customers notice that your logo is different from your competitors, they would be curious as to what makes your services different from the others. 

Lastly, knowing more about your competitors can help you make improvements to your  company logo. You can design it to make your logo can stand out when compared with the other businesses in the industry. 

Idea #3 Keep Your Color Palette Fresh

Cleaning logos are always associated with adjectives such as fresh and sparkling. This is because when your space is newly cleaned, you feel fresh and relaxed. 

This is why your cleaning logo should radiate freshness so that the customers will be enticed to avail of your services. 

Your logo styles can radiate freshness by using the right color scheme or palette. You can use colors such as blue or green. These colors are usually used in logos for cleaning businesses as they are associated with purity, nature, and water. 

For commercial cleaning logos, make sure to keep the color scheme minimal and use two colors only so that it can embody its purpose which is to clean. 

If there are colors that are advisable to use, there are also colors that should be avoided. You should avoid colors that are associated with dirt and stains such as yellow, brown, and gray. Using these colors will contradict the nature of your business. 

Idea #4 Keep the Typography Simple and Straightforward

Typography is also important for your business because it can establish trustworthiness. The typography of a logo can establish reliability when it is straightforward and the brand does what the logo says. 

Other than trustworthiness, you would also want your business to radiate cleanliness. You can achieve this by using sleek font designs that have clean lines and sharp corners on your custom logo designs. 

Logos for a business can use fonts such as sans-serif and other modern fonts. You should also keep in mind that when you pick the font for your logo, the customers should be able to read it wherever you place it. 

Whether you place it in a van, in the uniforms of personnel, or in the tools used for your cleaning services, the font should still be recognizable and readable. 

Idea #5 Keep the Elements to a Minimum

Since you are a cleaning company, the last thing you would want on your logo is for the elements to be crowded. 

The logo you have should be clean and simple. Refer to the example logo above. Cool logos usually only have two elements present. The typography and the scrub used for cleaning. 

When the elements are kept to a minimum, it would be nice to look at and the customers would not have a hard deciphering the message of your business. 

Lastly, a simple logo promotes flexibility. It can be easily placed on any marketing strat or cleaning equipment. 


A cleaning company logo is crucial to the business as it attracts customers. This is why it is important to have a logo that is straightforward. 

A cleaning service logo should be simple and recognizable. It should only have minimal elements and keep the typography readable. 

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to create a logo that will establish and communicate to your target audience easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Importance of a Logo to a Cleaning Service Company?

A logo is omportant for companies because it brings awareness to the brand. The customers would be able to know that there is a company that will provide service if ever they need cleaning in their spaces. It would help attract potential customers and make it recognizable and memorable. 

What Are Some Ideas That I Could Incorporate in Designing My Logo?

  • Emphasize the purpose of your business.
  • Keep your competitors in check.
  • Go for a fresh color palette.
  • Use bold typography. 
  • Keep elements to a minimum. 

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