7 Effective Data Recovery Softwares of 2021 — Recover Data with Ease
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Data breaches are unavoidable, but you can still overcome them. From 2020-2021, a spike in data security threats was noticed. More than 70% of companies face data loss incidents every year. In the first six months of 2021, more than 1700 companies lost their sensitive data.

Moreover, renowned companies like Facebook and Twitter witnessed data breaches this year. But, these companies have minimised the risk of data vulnerabilities. Do you know how? By following a strategic data recovery plan. However, small businesses don’t usually opt for a regular data backup. As a result, five out of the six businesses ended up losing important data after a data breach.

Imagine a situation where you are about to send an email attachment to a client. And, you find out that the file isn’t there on the device. What are you going to do in such a dreadful situation? Use a data recovery tool to recover the deleted documents immediately. But, before installing any data recovery tool, certain factors need to be checked.

Factors You need to consider

Make sure the software is compatible with the PC’s OS. Additionally, you have to check the features of the data recovery tool. Don’t forget to check the amount of data the tool can recover.

It is recommended not to go for a free data recovery tool. Sometimes, that can pose a high level of security risk for the employees. Choose a reliable data recovery software that comes with affordable monthly pricing. Check the requirements of the tool to avoid further inconvenience.

Make sure the data recovery software can recover every type of data. You might find many easy-to-use data recovery tools. But, do you know which one can retrieve data from every storage medium? Here is the list of the best data recovery tools that will be worth using in 2021:

1. Disk Drill — Rated as the Best Data Recovery Tool

CleverFiles initially launched this software to recover the business data. More than 10 million people have downloaded this data recovery tool till now. Additionally, Disk Drill is used in more than 150+ countries across the globe. However, the latest version of Disk Drill (4.3.585.0) works in the latest mac OS. But, if you use Mac OS X, then consider using the older version of this tool. Additionally, Windows users can also use Disk Drill to recover the lost or damaged data. Smart Data Recovery uses this tool to retrieve their client’s important data.

Do you know the best part about this recovery tool? It can retrieve data from different types of storage devices. Be it a USB flash drive or SD cards, and Disk Drill can restore data from everywhere. You can recover 500 MB of data from the free version of this software. If you need to retrieve more data, switch to its paid plan. And, here is the list of the features that have made Disk Drill one of the best data recovery software:

  • Recovery data mode
  • Prevent data loss mode
  • Recovery vault

There is also a quick scanning feature for recovering HFS+, NTFS and FAT system files. Disk Drill’s easy interface is what the users liked the most. You can even get a preview of the files that this tool is about to recover. Further, Disk Drill is ideal for the files which the user has accidentally removed.

2. Stellar Data Recovery — A High-Rated & Compatible Data Recovery Tool

You must have heard about this data recovery software, right? Stellar data recovery is one of the most used tools in businesses. And, more than 3 million people have used this tool to retrieve HDD and SSD data. Alongside, you can get back the data that were stored in external hard drives with Stellar. And, these include USB drives, CDs and DVDs as well. With this retrieval tool, the users can retrieve the corrupted system files.

Stellar Data Recovery is available in more than 190 countries. Are you unable to file any email attachments? Consider downloading Stellar Data Recovery to retrieve the lost email files. With its reliability and fast recovery process, this tool has stayed ahead of the competition. And, Stellar Data Recovery supports the following OS:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Unix
  • Novell

You can receive more than 1GB of data, including videos, photos and documents, via this tool. So, look for the updated version of Stellar Data Recovery and get this tool now.

3. Advanced Disk Recovery — Ideal for Recovering Business Data

Did you recently face a cyberattack threat? Unable to find the essential customer data after that? Use Systweak’s Advanced Disk Recovery to retrieve the customer’s sensitive information. It comes with an easy user interface and has plenty of effective scanning options. You can either choose Quick Scan or Deep Scan based on the type of data you want to restore.

Advanced Disk Recovery also shows a preview of files that it is going to recover. Starting from music files to audio, this data recovery tool can retrieve everything. Additionally, this tool takes a minimum time to recover the required files/documents. Unfortunately, this software only works on Windows PCs. Advanced Disk Recovery can’t be installed on Mac devices. So, if you need a Mac data recovery tool, then Advanced Disk Recovery won’t be the right solution.

4. EaseUs Data Recovery — Provides the Ultimate Data Recovery Solution

EaseUS Data Recovery has been awarded as the most reliable data recovery software. It’s easy to use and can recover data from different data loss instances. Did you accidentally format the laptop and think about how to get back the stored files? Consider using EaseUs, and it is ideal for recovering the formatted files. Additionally, it can retrieve the files which cybercriminals have removed.

After an unwanted system crash or electrical breakdown, you might lose data. In certain instances, only EaseUs Data Recovery can help you out. Download the latest version of EaseUs to recover up to 500MB of data. Moreover, you can use this tool on both Mac and Windows devices.

5. Recuva — Get Everything in One Tool

CCleaner’s Recuva was released in the global market on 7 August 2017. More than 1000+ professionals have used this tool to recover lost or damaged data. Did you mistakenly remove an office file while starting it from the Recycle Bin? With Recuva, you can get that back. Moreover, you can retrieve the MP3 Player’s files with this data recovery tool.

If you have deleted any picture from the digital camera’s memory card, use Recuva. With this software, you can scan the recently removed files and restore them to the device. However, Recuva is only compatible with Windows PCs and laptops. Also, its free version might bombard you with continuous pop-up advertisements. So, it’s suggested to use the Pro version of Recuva to reap additional benefits.

6. R-Studio — Designed for the Windows File Recovery

In 2009, R-Studio was initially created for Windows users. But, the developers made that data recovery tool compatible with the Mac and Linux users as well. Moreover, R-Studio’s cross-platform availability is praised by millions of users. This tool can be used for restoring files from different storage mediums. And, these include CDs, USB drives and DVDs.

Additionally, you can recover data from every Wi-Fi enabled device, including smartphones. R-Studio’s free version offers plenty of notable data recovery options. Thus, you get everything in one data recovery platform without spending a lot of money. But, its interface might be confusing for the newbie data recovery experts. Also, you can’t recover more than 256KB of files in the free version of R-Studio. So, use another tool that will be convenient to use and can recover more than 300 MB of the file.

7. MiniTool Power Data Recovery — Created for the Beginners

Do you need a tool to perform an immediate partition recovery? Go with MiniTool Power Data Recovery; it’s easy to use and takes minimal storage space. And, the free version of MiniTool gives the user the opportunity to restore 1GB of media files. With its easy data recovery steps, you can retrieve lost and deleted data quickly.

MiniTool can recover data from external hard drives and memory cards. You can even easily locate the recently removed documents in this data recovery tool. Its super-fast scanning speed is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. You can restore the images from different storage mediums, irrespective of their format.

What are the Reliable Data Recovery Softwares of 2021?

You can use UnDeleteMyFiles to retrieve the office files in the devices safely. It comes with exclusive features like Email Recovery and Snapshot. Moreover, you can opt for using the DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software. It’s another free tool that can retrieve the lost files. So, take time, check the features and then download the best data recovery tool.

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