4 Ways App Security Testing Supports Software Development

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 09:08 am

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According to MRC Statistics, the worldwide app security market was estimated to be around $2.35billion in 2016. This is expected to reach up to $10.26 billion by 2023. This growth is at the rate of 23.4%. A few of the main factors running the market are increasing smartphones acceptance, stringent government regulations, and increasing cyber-attacks. Furthermore, the development of IoT and increasing digitalization of the emerging economies like Africa, and the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific are forecasted to offer large growth opportunities to vendors in the coming five years.

The challenges related to app development and software development are rising because of the risks associated with cyber-security. Therefore, security has become extremely important for companies with a digital outlook and relevant long-term business plans. It has become very significant to view app security testing across the bigger canvas of software development.

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Allows Companies To Protect Private Data and Deal It With Conviction

The safety and security of apps are one of the primary concerns for all the organizations that are involved in the exchange of customer-related and financial data. Any sort of breach results in chaos and deteriorates the brands’ reputation in the market. For example, the whole online/eCommerce shopping industry is dependent upon a secure and robust app that can be extended to its users.

Security app testing encourages different enterprises and brands’ doubt-free entrance into the market. This is without worrying about data breaches and frauds. This assists them to stay insistent and guarantee flawless services for their users. Just a secure environment can assist companies to stay updated and grow in the customer situation.

In its survey, MarketsAndMarkets claim that; because of the rise in security breaches those targeting business apps, companies across the world are organizing app security solutions to protect their mobile apps and web apps. The main forces encouraging the app security market are the requirement to safeguard enterprise data and apps from app layer attacks, from the rise in consumption of 3rd party apps, the requirement to follow government regulations. As a result, companies are finding the best mobile app testing companies and security testing solutions. These are divided into interactive, dynamic, and static app security testing.

Capabilities To Pinpoint Extremely Complex Vulnerabilities

You make security testing an essential aspect of the software development procedure. This will guarantee that all your susceptibilities are handled effectively. Using this technique all the prominent and hidden susceptibilities can be pinpointed. This allows the testing teams to start the development procedure and decrease the development and testing cost in the long run. The security testing must not be considered at the end, it becomes a part of the entire development procedure.

Creates Scope For Leveraging Latest Technologies  

Security cannot be guaranteed to incorporate one platform or tool. Experimentation and innovation are required to bring credibility and validation to the process. Testing of app security is a broad field. This does not guarantee that it will perform as per the expectations or not. Therefore, the testers keep on finding new techniques to fill security gaps. This generates considerable value for the development process. Furthermore, utilization of the correct tool depends upon the language used and the entire development process.

Susceptibilities Can Be Incorporated As Important Information Feeds 

App security testing tools can guarantee the app’s security and generates value in terms of data and analysis relevant to defects with the app’s code. There is so much to learn from the pinpointed issues and defects within an app. This sort of information can be used while working on the same apps in the future. This can be proved to be a great advantage for the development procedure, where the vulnerabilities can be converted into strengths.


After viewing the discussion above, we can easily view four techniques that app security testing uses to support software development. These techniques can also be used by mobile app testing companies to generate a flawless customer experience.

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