10 necessary steps if you decide to hire Ukraine dedicated team
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Right off the bat, there are no bounds to the increasing demand for talented techs all over the world. Organizations are desperately seeking to hire experienced tech experts for their projects. Cut to reality check, only a handful of those organizations are successfully hiring teams at an affordable price. 

With that said, Ukraine boasts of becoming a major hub of tech talent, with almost 80-90 percent of professionals staying there. Not to forget, you can hire a dedicated team from Ukraine without breaking your bank. Keep scrolling to unveil the know-how of hiring a Ukrainian development team…

  1. Be clear with your organizational objectives

The first step is to have a clear understanding of the kind of work you need your development team to do. This mainly falls under the software development goals of your business. 

  1. Specify any necessary criteria

This is some crucial information about your potential team. It could include the team size, vision, and job roles/responsibilities. This is to specifically highlight the skills and qualities that your development team should have.

  1. Plan a budget

Another vital step in hiring a dedicated software development team from Ukraine is allocating your development budget. It will decide the number of employees you can afford to hire and the kind of platforms you should consider to get in touch with the job seekers. After all, your budget influences the kind of developers you can hire.

  1. Be open to applications

If you are taking aid from agencies that provide development teams, you may forward your detailed criteria to them. This, in turn, will help you to consider applications from interested job seekers.

  1. Shortlist candidates

Shortlisting is yet another stage of recruiting an efficient and skilled application development team that you must take seriously. Once you receive a handful of applications, checking their resumes thoroughly is of utmost importance. You need to analyze how well their skills, achievements, and experience suit your organization’s needs and shortlist accordingly! 

  1. Ask for work portfolios

You must never pick candidates for interviews only based on their resumes. If you feel the application is deserving enough, go ahead to ask for the portfolio samples of the candidate. It will help you get an idea of how compatible the candidate can be with the kind of work you want your team to do.

  1. Ask for other clients’ reviews

The opinion of other clients in the industry can also play a significant role in deciding whether you should hire the candidate. They may highlight some valuable key points that the resume would certainly not. This will also let you know about the strengths and weaknesses of your potential to-be employee. 

  1. Take interviews

Once you are convinced with the application, the portfolio, and have taken an opinion from other clients, initiate the final step. Inform the candidate about a scheduled interview over a phone call or via email. You may conduct telephonic or video-call interviews if you are hiring a remote dedicated development team from Ukraine. Otherwise, nothing can beat the good ol’ face-to-face interaction. Most Ukrainians speak English, so the language would not be an issue.

  1. Launch your team

It’s time to launch your team after getting all the developers on board. Familiarize them with the environment and their fellow teammates.

  1. Collaboration

Join hands with your team to achieve goals faster. Encourage them to meet the daily targets. Meanwhile, you should take up the administrative tasks for your Ukraine dedicated team to function efficiently. 

Business models to opt for once you hire a dedicated team from Ukraine:

You can decide on any of the below business plans before hiring professionals for your development team.

  1. Long-term recruitment

If you plan to work with your team in the long run, this model is for you. You need full-time professionals in this business model. The budget should have sufficient scope to afford outsourcing people for long-term ventures.

  1. Team expansion

You have a superb team that is functioning well. However, you might feel the lack of an expert who is a pro at some particular skill your team requires. You can approach recruitment agencies to look for people skilled with that tool. You will thus expand your Ukrainian dedicated development team.

  1. Hiring on a project basis

Start-ups can go for this business model. You hire a team for some specific projects and ventures. This is a short-term and budget-friendly business plan.

Wrapping up:

The above details are all you need to pay attention to in order to hire a dedicated team from Ukraine. You have everything to kickstart the process of finding the perfect team for meeting your development objectives. So, why wait any longer? Start your recruitment process today!

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