Why Buy the HONOR Magic V2
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You have many reasons to buy HONOR Magic V2 for yourself. This is the latest iteration of the HONOR Magic V series and it has proven to be the best, so far, in terms of the features that it compared to other brands. The look, the sleekness, the form factor, the processor, and the camera- these are just some of the things to watch out for on this smartphone. Here are more detailed descriptions of the HONOR Magic V2.

Reasons to Buy the HONOR Magic V2


If you buy HONOR Magic V2 as your phone, you are not just getting one display, you are actually getting two – one inner screen and one outer screen. The inner screen is 7.92 inches while the outer screen is 6.43 inches. Even when closed, this phone feels like a standard smartphone. When you open the HONOR Magic V2, you instantly get a bigger screen for watching videos, browsing social media content, and checking your emails and texts. Both screens have 90 percent or more screen-to-body ratios and they have a wide field of view for the user. Both screens offer a wide range of colors as well as white and black contrasts.


Another deciding factor for a phone is the camera. With the HONOR Magic V2, you get five cameras – two front cameras and three rear cameras. The front cameras that are located on the outer screen and the inner screen both have 16MP wide lenses with f/2.2 aperture. Regarding the rear cameras, you get the 20MP telephoto camera, the 50MP ultra-wide camera, and a 50MP wide main camera. All are very powerful cameras that can provide crisp photos and clear videos. Even the arrangement of the camera lenses looks very elegant.

You also have to remember that the device also has a laser focusing system, a flicker sensor, and a color temperature sensor. These systems allow the phone to adjust the photos based on actual environmental situations.


You do not want your phone to look bland. You want pure luxury when it comes to your mobile device. You can choose the purple, gold, or black color for the cover of your device. With any of these phones, you get a foldable device that has a nice feel and look into it.

Since this is a foldable phone, you also get a hinge with this phone. The movement of the device is very sleek and sturdy. You know that it has been well-researched so that the final design can serve you for years to come.


When you look under the hood of the HONOR Magic V2, you will see the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This is an octa-core type with a GPU for this device is Adreno 740. With this power under its hood, you know that you are getting the assistance you need from the HONOR Magic V2.

Even with multiple tasks, you are sure to have heat dissipation with the help of the Bionic Cooling System of the device. The thickness of the plate is just 0.22mm.


Why buy HONOR Magic V2 smartphone? You have read all of its features, benefits, and advantages which is far better than any other device out there. With all of these in mind, you have to get this as your next phone. Whether in the category of a standard form factor or a foldable device, the HONOR Magic V2 is by far one of the most powerful and innovative devices available in the market right now. You have to try it for yourself and check out the HONOR Magic V2.

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