What is Binance Smart Chain: Answer from P2PB2B

Last updated on November 9th, 2022 at 10:36 am

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The crypto industry has been growing over the last decade. To make it more organized, developers decided to build their own decentralized platforms. This is how Binance Smart Chain saw the world in April 2020. While creating the entire ecosystem, developers have got inspiration from the Ethereum community. Today, millions of crypto holders are looking for a BSC new token listing. The team of P2PB2B is happy to keep you informed about the most recent updates.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a solid blockchain network developed by the crypto exchange Binance. The project’s goal is to encourage DApp development with better capacity, higher speeds, and lower latency compared to Ethereum. Moreover, it aims to optimize the transaction capabilities of the available Binance Chain (BC).

The initial Binance Chain (BC) wasn’t flexible enough to fulfill the programming needs. Now, BSC and BC are running in parallel with each other. This way the developers allow users to benefit from the high transaction capacity of BC and the smart contract productivity of BSC.

So how does BSC work? Its principle of work is based on the consensus algorithm from the Proof-of-Staked Authority (PoSA). Validators, namely those who have staked a particular amount of BNB, have to cover transaction charges when they validate approved blocks on the network. Compared to other blockchains, the transaction charges come from the current supply of BNB, and not from newly purchased BNB. This becomes possible because BNB isn’t inflationary. The team of Binance burns a certain amount of its supply on a regular basis.

BSC also implements the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows it to accept Ethereum-based apps like MetaMask. All you need is a couple of adjustments in the settings. For more information, feel free to check out how to use MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain. This kind of compatibility has been achieved to leave the high throughput of BSC while integrating new smart contracts into the ecosystem. The BSC community turned the network into a more attractive place for newcomers. Low costs and operational stability allow BSC to keep its gas charges low. Let’s be honest, you can hardly expect something like this from the Ethereum community these days.

How to see the new crypto listing on BSC

If you have a crypto project or plan to launch one, you might have already heard about BSC technology. Using BSC crypto listing for your Crown Sovereign token provides you with a higher speed of transactions and a higher level of flexibility. It offers a great intelligent contract functionality and excellent compatibility with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). BSC keeps a lot of valuable instruments to take away your crypto projects from Ethereum and get them linked in the easiest way.

BSC crypto listing relies on the PoSA algorithm, which allows supporters to stake their block for validation purposes. As soon as the block is described as relevant, supporters receive a commission for every single transaction. Traditionally, validation of the traded block takes up to 3 seconds.

BSC crypto listing was created to give developers a chance to produce decentralized apps. At the same time, users of exchanges that rely on BSC can manage their tokens or coins through the available blockchain technologies.

What’s good is that new tokens on BSC can be formed by anyone. No vast coding experience is required. You can experiment with different technologies to transfer your crypto project from Ethereum successfully. With BSC, you can achieve this result quickly and easily.

Binance Smart Chain crypto listing

If you consider creating a new BSC crypto listing, you are going to stick to BEP 20 token standard. Similar to ERC 20 for Ethereum, it allows everyone to develop a new universal crypto coin using BSC.

Before you go any further, you need to select an exchange that supports BSC and BEP 20 standards. The exchange for the listing can be centralized similar to P2PB2B. This way it will be easier for you to get new investors involved in your project during the listing process.

New NFT tokens can also be added through BSC crypto listing. Different exchanges have their own safety policies, level of liquidity, and listing options. This is something to be checked in advance.

Now that you are familiar with the idea of BSC crypto listing, you may need a brief summary of its benefits. Here is comes:

·         A complete roadmap – You can have a detailed plan for your growth. Thus, you won’t leave your project halfway there.

·         A big community – Your project gets a nice audience involving great support in social media. The help of the global crypto community can’t be excluded as well.

·         Easy and successful launch – In fact, 93% of new r tokens listed on BSC made it within several days. Fast and easy as it can be.


Successful Binance smart chain crypto listing can take your crypto project to new heights. This is why it’s important for you to list your BSC token, as well as to ensure its further performance using various marketing and market-making services. Our team at P2PB2B will be delighted to help your new BSC token achieve the desired level of success during and after the BSC listing.

Are you ready to add your project to the listing? Don’t unleash the potential of your crypto project! Feel free to ask professionals for help.

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