What Is A Virtual Phone Number, And How Does It Work?
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A virtual number is a low-cost business connection that allows you to set up a distant call center. Virtual numbers look the same as regular numbers and can be in any format, including landline, mobile, and so on. However, there is a significant difference between them -it’s a means of communication. Simply put, this number is utilized to connect two Internet connections. To be more specific, a universal SIP-protocol for transmitting data over the network that alternates between client and server requests and responses in real time. It’s comparable to a language that allows devices to communicate with one another and exchange data without errors. Telnum provides virtual phone number for calls, SMS and faxes in which you can communicate with people all over the world cheap.  To do this, you do not need to build a new telephone line, buy additional equipment or a SIM card, our services work via the Internet.

How a Virtual Phone Number Works

A virtual PBX receiving an incoming call. The station is a toll-free number, and the call is forwarded to her. The customer contacts the business to resolve the issue and make a reservation. The transmission of information over the Internet is at the heart of the project. According to its IP-based network, SIP turns voice information into digital representation, which the receiver decodes. Simply said, the virtual number functions like a genuine one, except the data is sent through the Internet. 

Advantages of Virtual Phone Numbers

When compared to standard rooms, this room has a variety of advantages. Virtual telephony opens up new job opportunities and helps the company project a more appealing image. Low-cost IP telephony services will cut telephone service costs by up to 80%. Because your company’s bell can be rung from any city in the country, you provide a more pleasant setting for customers. A virtual phone number will always remain with the company when you move to another area or city. It brings together all the company’s number one, and distributes the burden on employees, depending on the given scenarios. It also provides employees free communication within the organization.  On this number, you can put a voice greeting and the menu, listen to recordings of conversations, to study the statistics on calls and much more. Virtual rooms include the following qualities and advantages:

  • Virtual communication services are up to four times less expensive than traditional telephone connection;
  • Fast connection – you submit an electronic application to the provider, and the service is enabled the same day;
  • Simple settings – Manage call forwarding, see analytics, and pay a monthly charge through a user-friendly personal study;
  • Within the firm, free calls are available by dialing short numbers on a virtual PBX;
  • Conversations with clients are recorded so that you may examine the operators’ work, the success of sales scripts, quality feedback, and the most prevalent topics of appeals, among other things.

How To Get a Virtual Phone Number

Getting a virtual number is quite easy:

  1. You should register on the Telnum website.  This is done very quickly and requires you to provide some of your personal details.  You can also simply log in to your personal account if you are already registered;
  2. Top up the balance by the amount of the number connection cost;
  3. Select country, city;
  4. Set some settings;
  5. Check your details and complete your order.

If you are interested in purchasing it, then Telnum offers these types of virtual numbers to receive:

  • Calls – You can make and receive calls.  They are forwarded to the SIP, another number.  Routing SIP is free;
  • SMS – with them you can not only send but also receive messages on e-mail, mobile phone or other site.  You can send messages from your personal account;
  • Fax – you can receive this type of message in PDF format to your personal e-mail;
  • Multi-channel virtual numbers include numerous incoming and outgoing lines, allowing many calls to be made to a single phone number;
  • Free virtual numbers for calls – it works on the same principle as the above mentioned phone number.  And all incoming calls can be redirected to SIP or another phone number.


You can use a virtual number both for personal needs and in your business, introducing it into the work of your company.  Telnum specialists will always help you in choosing virtual numbers quickly and efficiently.  With this number, you will get many benefits, including the ability to make cheap calls to other countries.  Telnum services will be available to you around the clock and regardless of your location. Use virtual numbers in business to handle more customers.  Before connecting, communicate with support and ask all your questions.  This is how you set up a cloud-based PBX for your purposes: receiving SMS, communicating with customers, registering on sites.  If you do not have time to deal with the connection of virtual numbers, use the services of Telnum.  As a result, you will save time and money. Good luck! 

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