Treat Knee Problems with Regenerative Medicine – Are Stem Cell Treatment a Hoax or Boon?
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There are people who love skiing and suddenly witness pain in their knees. The majority of the time, after diagnosis, the outcome is osteoarthritis. Usually, the doctors would suggest surgery. But that’s not what most patients are opting for. Instead, they are choosing investigational treatment through the injection of stem cells that eases up the pain for most people. It enables people who are into outdoor adventures to take part in long-distance cycling, skiing, and other similar activities. 

The stem cell treatment for knee pain

Today, stem cell treatment is booming in the United States. Many clinics have emerged that provide treatment for multiple sclerosis to osteoarthritis that works in the long run. Several scientists and doctors consider stem cell treatment to hold much promise. However, that growth comes with the FDA debating whether or not to make the regulations for stem cell clinics tight after a few mishaps. To date, the only product based on the stem-cell that the FDA approved is the umbilical cord blood obtained stem cells to treat cancer and other ailments. To know more about this, you can check out Beaumont Pain control clinic

The New England Journal of Medicine that got published recently suggests that the FDA officials had expressed their views about the stem cell treatment. For the most part, it is a boon, but keeping in mind the condition of the patients, there can be minor side effects that can get treated with the correct medicine. 

What does the research say?

When it comes to knee injections, the doctors usually draw out the stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow. They can also source it from the blood or fat tissue. Here the doctors also cite anecdotal evidence as a proof that treatments work. Several doctors suggest that this process is fast and simple. Patients often say that their pain reduces after the first injection. The before and after X-rays also indicate a growth in the cartilage. 

According to a few orthopedic surgeons in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania affirms that stem cell therapy has an impact. No one knows the way in which the pain subsides. However, medical researchers are attempting to determine whether the stem cells can bring down inflammation and release the substances that impact various other cells. Some are trying to find out if the stem cell treatment can regenerate a worn-out cartilage. 

The summing up 

According to the FDA, patients who want to opt-in for stem cell treatment for any objective should consult their doctors to assess the probable benefits and risks. Also, they need to ensure that they belong to the FDA-sanctioned clinical trial. The majority of the doctors who provide stem cell treatments are physical medicine doctors, plastic surgeons and the orthopedics. The pain reduction is a real-time effect that most people would want to benefit from. At times the effect may last for a while and some issues might come up which can be medically addressed. But for the most part, stem cell treatment for knee pain is worth the money and time. 

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