Top Self-Driving Car Companies in 2024
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Here are some of the top self-driving car companies to watch in 2024, showcasing innovation and leadership in the autonomous vehicle industry:

1. Tesla Inc.

Tesla is well-known for integrating advanced autopilot capabilities into its vehicles, making significant strides in automated vehicle technology.

  • Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Tesla’s market cap is approximately $650 billion as of 2024.
  • Founded Date: 2003

2. Waymo (Alphabet Inc.)

Started as a Google project, Waymo has pioneered the development of self-driving technology, aiming to improve transportation for people worldwide.

  • Location: Mountain View, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Alphabet’s market cap, under which Waymo operates, is estimated at over $1.5 trillion.
  • Founded Date: 2009

3. Cruise (GM)

Acquired by General Motors, Cruise is set on transforming urban mobility with its autonomous vehicles, focusing heavily on safety and efficiency.

  • Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Net Worth: GM’s market cap, including Cruise’s operations, stands around $51 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2013

4. Nvidia

Nvidia has leveraged its expertise in AI and GPU technology to develop platforms for operating autonomous vehicles.

  • Location: Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Nvidia’s market cap is roughly $300 billion.
  • Founded Date: 1993

5. Baidu

Baidu, a leader in China’s rapidly growing autonomous driving industry, has developed extensive AI capabilities to support its self-driving technology.

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Net Worth: Baidu’s market cap is about $40 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2000

6. Mobileye (Intel)

It was a pioneer in providing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and has moved into full autonomy with its developments in self-driving technology.

  • Location: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Net Worth: As a subsidiary of Intel, its operations contribute to Intel’s market cap of approximately $154 billion.
  • Founded Date: 1999

7. Argo AI

Backed by companies like Ford and Volkswagen, Argo AI focuses on creating and deploying high-definition maps for self-driving vehicles.

  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Net Worth: Valued at around $7.5 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2016

8. Aurora

Aurora is committed to safely, quickly, and broadly delivering the benefits of self-driving technology.

  • Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Estimated valuation is $10 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2017

9. Zoox (Amazon)

Zoox aims to redefine urban mobility with autonomous ride-hailing services, focusing on vehicle safety and sustainable technology.

  • Location: Foster City, California, USA
  • Net Worth: As part of Amazon, its operations are integrated within Amazon’s market cap of approximately $1 trillion.
  • Founded Date: 2014

10. works to build the safest and most reliable autonomous driving technology globally.

  • Location: Fremont, California, USA and Guangzhou, China
  • Net Worth: Valued at approximately $8.5 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2016

11. Aptiv

Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected solutions, which include advanced driver assistance systems crucial for autonomous vehicles.

  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Net Worth: Approximately $25 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2017 (from the split of Delphi Automotive)

12. Nuro

Specializing in autonomous delivery vehicles, Nuro aims to transform local commerce through driverless delivery services, enhancing convenience and reducing costs.

  • Location: Mountain View, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $8.6 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2016

13. Luminar Technologies

Luminar Technologies is at the forefront of developing autonomous vehicle technology with their advanced lidar sensors and software.

  • Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Net Worth: Roughly $3 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2012

14. Oxbotica

Oxbotica specializes in creating autonomous vehicle software for universal autonomy across various industries, including mining, airports, and urban transport.

  • Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Net Worth: Valued at over $500 million.
  • Founded Date: 2014

15. Embark Trucks

Embark Trucks leads in autonomous technology for the trucking industry, aiming to increase safety and efficiency in logistics.

  • Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $5 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2016

16. Motional

As the result of a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv, Motional is making strides in making driverless technology safe, reliable, and accessible.

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Net Worth: Not publicly disclosed, but significant given the backing by large automotive groups.
  • Founded Date: 2020

17. offers an open-source driver assistance system aiming to rival commercial systems with its affordable and accessible technology.

  • Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Estimated under $1 billion.
  • Founded Date: 2015

18. Navya

Navya specializes in producing autonomous, electric vehicles such as shuttles and cabs, focusing on last-mile solutions.

  • Location: Villeurbanne, France
  • Net Worth: Around $50 million.
  • Founded Date: 2014

19. AutoX

AutoX is developing autonomous vehicles with an emphasis on AI technology, striving for a future of safer roads and reduced urban congestion.

  • Location: San Jose, California, USA
  • Net Worth: Approximately $160 million.
  • Founded Date: 2016

20. May Mobility

May Mobility delivers unique, autonomous vehicle solutions focusing on shuttle services, enhancing urban transit systems.

  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • Net Worth: Not publicly disclosed but noted for significant investment rounds.
  • Founded Date: 2017

These companies represent the cutting edge of self-driving technology, and each plays a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation through innovation and dedicated research in autonomous systems.

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