Top Five Mobile App Development Trends That Are Going to Leave a Mark in 2021

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 01:05 pm

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As mobile apps continue to run and transform every aspect of our lives, almost all major tech trends continue to make their way into the app world. The new tech trends, hardware trends, and design trends every year bring some fresh perspectives for the app businesses as well as the users. When you hire mobile app developers for your app project, you need to have a solid understanding of these trends.

What are the top development trends to play a big role in the app world of 2021 and the years ahead? Let’s have a look at these dominant trends.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is now supported officially by both Android and iOS and users based on the atmospheric light condition and time of the day can decide to turn on dark mode or light mode.

Dark mode as one of the latest mobile app UI design trends can help app users to keep the aesthetic more useful and engaging by lowering the negative effects of the low light conditions. On top of that by turning dark mode you make the device consume less battery power and thus can save the device battery power. Lastly, the dark mode also provides the app interface a

stylish look and feel.

No wonder, almost all major apps including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google, and several others embraced dark mode UI. In the years to come, more apps will join the trends.

IoT Apps

The Internet of Things (IoT) boasting of a connected ecosystem of gadgets has already made our homes and workplaces smarter. In the midst of the IoT revolution, the IoT apps play a great role in connecting the devices with the internet connection.

With the continuous innovations in the field of connected gadgets, IoT apps will continue to rise in popularity and grab the prime spot in the app development space. In the years to come, IoT apps will proliferate and grow at an unprecedented pace.

Intelligent Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already opened the door for intelligent innovations for digital interfaces including the web and mobile apps. The AI technology coupled up with voice recognition brought never-before sophistication in conversational interfaces like the chatbots.

Intelligent chatbots powered by AI opened up the revolutionary potential for customer support, business communication, and product recommendations. These chatbots by learning from user communication and user data can address customers in the most fruitful manner.

On-demand apps

On-demand mobile apps beginning with Uber now have made their presence felt across a multitude of services and business niches. They have become so popular that they now made an economic category widely dubbed as the on-demand economy.

From accessing a plumber service to fixing appointments with doctors to ordering restaurant foods for doorstep delivery, on-demand apps continue to make life easier in every possible way. In the years to come, on-demand apps will continue to experience this growth.

Mobile Wallets

People increasingly prefer to make payments using their mobile devices, whether for purchasing online or offline. This has resulted in the huge increase and popularity of mobile wallet apps.

Swift and seamless payment processing coupled up with string security made these wallets so popular. In the time to come, mobile wallets will become the most popular mainstream mode for all transactions.

5G Network

5G is already here and waiting to be available en-masse anytime soon. Promising to deliver at least 100 times speedier Internet connection compared to the 4G network, it is already considered to have era-defining potential for the app industry.

As of now, many leading apps began to come up with data architecture and befitting

technology stack to utilize this lightning-fast data speed and overwhelming bandwidth capacity of the 5G network. 5G is going to set the norms for app development in the future.

Simple voice-enabled user interface

Voice interfaces are already a popular UI trend that dominates too many apps. According to credible reports, at least one-third of US smartphone users make interactions with apps through the use of voice commands.

The latest voice-based smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and others now show how just by speaking people can get things done. The trend is already contagious enough to make more and more apps embrace voice interfaces.

Folding Display

Folding smartphones are already here and apps are being developed to address their split-screen interfaces. As more and more devices are going to join the bandwagon of folding screen displays, app developers have to cater to this requirement with a special focus.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain database boasting of a fully decentralized data register technology has played a paradigm-shifting role across many industries. Now mobile apps can also utilize the technology to the advantages of data security, data management, and smooth data access.

From fintech apps to healthcare apps to any app catering to intensive data needs, are preferring the technology. In the upcoming years, more apps will embrace Blockchain for data management.

Image search

The ability to search by using images already transformed the way customers in e-commerce apps search for the intended products that they cannot particularly name.

Image search will rise in popularity not just because of the ease of customers while interacting with mobile commerce apps, but the same will also help marketers to reach out to customers with visual content.


These trends in mobile app development offer all the signs of maturity and continuous popularity. Naturally, the future of app development cannot be thought of without them.

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