Top 10 Business Intelligence Certifications to Learn in 2021
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BI is the capacity to gather, store and examine a business to upgrade execution. Organizations utilise information driven apparatuses to see more about their clients in current scenarios. Notwithstanding, numerous organizations are as yet incompetent to profit by such devices. Utilizing business intelligence will uphold and encourage better data- driven choices. It will likewise give bountiful business favorable circumstances like improved deals, limited client steady loss and compelling promoting tools. It requests a degree of abilities in information investigation as BI improves organizations’ capacities in many methods. Certification in BI will assist experts to create and send PC projects to get important analytical information for business development. 

Let’s go through the list of the best 10 business intelligence certifications to learn in 2021.

  1. Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)
  2. The QlikView Business Analyst certification
  3. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization
  4. SAP Certified Application Associate: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2
  5. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate
  6. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
  7. Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization
  8. SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate
  9. Professional Program Certificate in Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Productivity and Quality (Technische Universität München)
  10. IBM Certified Designer – IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11
  1. Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)

The CBIP certification program is planned for senior-level faculty in the data frameworks and innovation industry with an attention on business investigation and information management. The cert exhibits that you are fully informed regarding BI technologies and are learned about prescribed procedures, arrangements, and arising patterns. You will require at least two years of full-time insight in PC data frameworks, information definitions, data modeling, information arranging, metadata frameworks improvement, enterprise asset planning, frameworks examination, application advancement and programming, or data innovation management. The underlying certification is substantial for four years and should be restored every 3 year from that point. Recertification needs confirmation of 120 credit hrs of proceeding with schooling acquired since the last renewal. 

The certification has two levels, they are:

  • Practitioner: Given to BI experts who score at or above 50 percent on each of three exams.
  • Master: Given to BI experts who score at or above 70 percent on each of three exams.

Organization: Transforming Data With Intelligence (TDWI)

Exam fee: $400 per exam; extra $125 annual fee to be given to the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) every year after the first.

  1. The QlikView Business Analyst certification

The QlikView Business Analyst certification shows your insight into the interface plan of QlikView applications and is suggested for jobs associated with the examination, planning, and format of the QlikView application UI. Competitors should have fundamental understanding of BI, detailing, and information investigation, just as experience operating with QlikView to plan applications. The accreditation needs breezing through a MC test conveyed by Pearson VUE by means of a Pearson VUE Assessment Center or in your home/office utilizing internet administering. The affirmation doesn’t terminate, however Qlik delivers new tests for each significant delivery, so old accreditations do age out.

Organization: Qlik

Exam fee: $250

  1. Advanced Business Analytics Specialization

This certification unites scholastic experts and experienced professionals to share certifiable information analytics abilities you can utilise to develop your business, increment benefits, and make greatest incentive for your investors. The course aims at making the students acquire useful abilities in extricating and controlling information utilizing SQL code, implementing statistical strategies for unmistakable, prescient, and prescriptive investigation, and successfully deciphering and introducing logical outcomes.

Offered by: University of Colorado Boulder on Coursera

Duration: 5 Months

Mode: Online

  1. SAP Certified Application Associate: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform certificate shows you have the right stuff and information to plan for, send, and execute SAP’s BI platform. The certification provides you to arrange and oversee servers in a SAP Business Intelligence platform sending, and plan and convey a SAP BI platform framework. SAP suggests competitors join active experience and instruction courses to get ready for the necessary multiple choice test conveyed by Pearson VUE. The certification doesn’t lapse. 

Organization: SAP

Exam fee: $597

  1. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

The Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate confirmation approves competitors are topic specialists that can plan and assemble versatile information models, clean and change information, and give business esteem through information visualizations. The certificate is expected for data experts and BI experts who utilise Power BI to create reports and dashboards which helps in visualizing information, regardless of whether in the cloud or on premises. The affirmation needs completing the Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI certification test managed by means of Pearson VUE. The test quantifies the up-and-comer’s capacity to make information, envision information, investigate information, and convey and look after expectations. 

Organization: Microsoft

Exam fee: $165

  1. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

This certification will assist students with figuring out how to control information, realizing information, gathering reports from data sets and solidifying information. They will surely have a reasonable understanding regarding Dashboards in Tableau, and how to create incredible visualizations utilizing them. Students can likewise control their current information utilizing calculated fields, boundaries and different choices. This Tableau Desktop Certified Professional course is made according to the Tableau desktop III online certification test.

Offered by: Udemy

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode: Online

  1. Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

This certification gives students to outline business challenges as information questions. Students will utilize useful devices and techniques like Tableau, Excel, and MySQL to assess information, make figures and models, plan representations, and convey bits of knowledge. The Capstone Project in the end will apply their abilities to investigate and legitimize upgrades to a certifiable business measure. 

Offered by: Duke University

Duration: 7 Months

Mode: Online

  1. SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate

This expertized certification allows students to investigate information utilizing SAS Visual Analytics. They will figure out how to plan information utilizing SAS Data Studio, how to make intelligent reports utilizing SAS Visual Analytics, and will actually want to portray the information structure required for path analysis, network analysis, and text investigation. SAS Visual Analytics is a helpful ability in an assorted profession, incorporating business expert, specialist, analyst, or data researcher. A client will figure out how to get to and control information, survey information with an assortment of intelligent reports and illustrations, and plan and offer dashboards to visualize their information. 

Offered: SAS on Coursera

Duration: 2 Months

Mode: Online

  1. Professional Program Certificate in Six Sigma and Lean: Quantitative Tools for Productivity and Quality (Technische Universität München)

Students will get familiar with the basics of the Six Sigma methodology and Lean Manufacturing through this certification. They will get to know about the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) measure improvement methods and inspect how the standards of Lean creation enhance quality and efficiency and empower hierarchical change. The arrangement of courses is furnished in a joint effort with the Chair of Production and Supply Chain Management and the TUM School of Management Executive Education Center.

Offered by: edX

Duration: 18-24 Weeks

Mode: Online

  1. IBM Certified Designer – IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11

This certification gives students to construct progress reports, dynamic reports and dashboards utilizing relational information and uploaded documents, just as upgrading, modifying, and overseeing proficient reports. The candidates are prescribed to have the portrayed degree of abilities including experience utilizing an advanced web, fundamental information on SQL and Javascript, database ideas, and they should realize how to represent it.

Offered by: IBM

Mode: Online


Business knowledge (BI) keeps on filling in its significance with information increasingly essential to business achievement. Using a solid BI technique and group, associations can execute the sorts of analysis important to assist clients settle on information driven business choices. Certifications are not needed to function in BI, however they may assist you with getting an edge by demonstrating to businesses that you have the privilege range of abilities. The given BI certifications would be helpful.

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