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In today’s world when the world has converted into a global village and everything has shifted o digital or virtual electronic means, learning courses online has come in vogue. One can easily become a mobile app developer sitting at home by learning it through online means. Detailed tutorials are present for such beginners and interested people who want to start their mobile app development business from home. 

There are many people who want to join this app development industry because it earns massive income. In today’s world everyone has a smart phone and wishes to enjoy it completely by downloading various applications from the app store. There is a whole array of applications that are displayed in the play store or app store, each having a unique design that attracts the users. 


  • Development and maintenance.
  • Fulfilling the product demands.
  • Completion of the application module that includes design coding and texting.
  • Provision of technical support.
  • Updating the application timely to newer versions.


You can simply watch and learn from the tutorials present on the online web development courses. Here is a list of the top 10 best courses for mobile app development:

1. Udemy:

  • It is ranked as the best online app development course.
  • It not only helps you in development of mobile applications but also the IOS app development.
  • It not only teaches you but allows you yourself to become a teacher as well.
  • It helps you learn web development, mobile application development as well as game development through softwares.
  • The special course is taught regarding the mobile app creation on Udemy includes introduction to the android studio, java coding and other advanced android features.
  • It further offers additional basic learning like the usage of maps in your developed applications and the storage of data permanently. 

2. Udacity:

  • It is an excellent online educational organization which is also profitable.
  • It has got extremely knowledgeable systems regarding learning management built in programming interphases and other forums as well.
  • It teaches you android as well as IOS application development.
  • Even the beginners with no professional android engineering or programming background can learn app development very efficiently through udacity. 
  • It guarantees that once you complete the project and course successfully you will be capable of developing an android application of your own and it will be worth getting certified by Google.

3. EDX:

  • It is an excellent UI/UX designing material that is available totally free of cost.
  • It has a worldwide network and teaches online academic courses to students worldwide. 
  • EDX is the only non profit organization offering free android app development courses.
  • It helps even the beginners who have no experience in programming.
  • It makes you capable enough to handle android architecture, development processes, using android development tools and designing an attractive user interface.
  • The course available on it taught professionally by the development experts of the Google app.

4. Simplilearn:

  • It is the most precise and short term training course available for app development.
  • It covers more than four hundred courses in subjects of IT, digital marketing, project management as well as programming.
  • It is the most suitable online course for the beginners.
  • It makes you capable enough to develop and publish your own capable application and get it displayed on the Google playstore.
  • It helps you learn all the android architecture by training you through the two most popular basic app development courses.

1. Google developers training:

  • This special course has got certified teaching resources and proper held examinations at the completion of the app development course. It says” let’s grow with Google.”
  • This enables you to become a certified and true application developer.
  • It is suitable for both the beginner as well as the seasoned developer.
  • It has a diverse range of teachings from basics to improving your application’s performance through optimization.
  • It is totally free of cost and helps you become a certified developer without spending a single penny.

2. Coursera:

  • It is an online development course that was founded by the professors of Stanford.
  • It not only offers engineering in web development and mobile application development but also other degrees like medicine, biology, humanities etc.
  • It has got more than two thousand courses available along with 28 million students registered.
  • It helps you learn all the basics of mobile application development like X code fundamentals, cocoa touch frameworks, core IOS, MVC architecture, designing of user interface and much more.
  • It uses special software swift for teaching purposes.
  • This course offers a free trial for seven days before you actually pay for it.


  • It is a specialized course that helps one learns swift as well as programming in IOS. 
  • It offers a very high quality programming tutorial.
  • It has a very easy to read IOS programming tutorial.
  • It is specially made for those who wish to learn IOS programming and then implement it in mobile application development.
  • It provides a collection of free tutorials for beginners with no experience as well as tutorials for professionals.
  • This course is totally free of cost all you need to do is to follow the tutorials for the course and then get started with your mobile application development.

4. Treehouse: 

  • It is the most exclusive online technology developed for web developers and app developers.
  • It offers tutorials for web design, web development, mobile application development as well as game development.
  • The beginners are taught separately where as advanced courses are available for the professional and specialized people.
  • All the qualified and professional experts are there for teaching.
  • It also teaches the basics and the new features of the swift 4.
  • This course includes practical exercises as well.
  • It offers a free trial of seven days.

5. Code school:

  • This course has specialized coding courses available online.
  • It enables you to learn the mobile development courses in a very creative and entertaining manner.
  • The basic things taught in this course are the usage of swift or objective-C for the mobile application development.
  • it makes you capable enough to use android studio with java on your own.
  • It does not offer a free tutorial or free access to the course but has proper tuition fee per month.
  • It teaches you the creation of your applications layout, display, creation of events and listeners and other additional things like making internet requests.


  • This is an exclusive online course for mobile application development that enables you to learn programming for the development of applications.
  • It covers the whole subject of IOS development and swift.
  • It provides proper guidelines for beginners in small chunks that helps them learn easily and create their own application instantly.
  • It helps beginners learn java and Kotlin for the development of android applications.
  • This online mobile application development course is totally free of cost.
  • It has a collection of 25 free android development tutorials.


The top 10 mobile application development courses listed above cover all the diverse subjects that you would wish to know before creating your own mobile applications. All these courses support beginners as well as professionals so now what is stopping you to learn all these basics of mobile application development and launch your own application.

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