Some Mind-Blowing Tips To Design Custom Pie Boxes 
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Modern consumers want modern packaging and love seeing products packed in extravagant and stylish packaging. That is why it is crucial for bakeries, particularly small-scale ones, to pack their products in unconventional and unique styles. If you are selling pies, you certainly want to attract customers, and your brilliantly designed custom pie boxes will do the work for you. 

When it comes to box designing, one must know that only a catchy design will do the work and one must have to select a quality material in order to prevent any damage to the baked delights. Pies are sweet and a favorite of not only humans but insects too, which is why the style and material of pie boxes wholesale must be high-quality to prevent infestation. Now let’s move towards the designing tips. 

Why Custom Pie Boxes Are Required? 

Pies, like all food items, need protection from physical as well as chemical factors. Any small damage to the texture, shape, and presentation of the product is despised by the customers. At the time of transit, the logistics company or your delivery person can keep the pies safe if their packaging is good. In addition to protection, some of the other reasons for which  pie shipping boxes or regular custom bakery boxes are required are: 

  • Attraction to the customers 
  • Give customers a new and memorable experience
  • Used as an effective advertising medium 
  • Increase sales by elevating customers’ experience and product quality

Mind-Blowing Designing Tips 

Some of the bakers think that it is not very important to focus on the box design because the quality of the pies is the only thing that matters. Nonetheless in reality the box design is as important as the product. This is because there are only three major bakeries in the United States that hold around 55% shares of the bakery business. 

Small-scale industries must take the impressive initiative to compete with these big birds. In addition to improving the quality of the pies, improvement in the quality of pie box packaging is important and hence, it is vital to focus on the design of the boxes. 

Box Size 

The first and basic thing that one must consider at the time of box designing is the size of the box. Box size must be in accordance with the size of the piece so that the pie does not jiggle in the packaging and lose its texture. If you are selling small pies or pie slices then you must select the personalized pie box size accordingly. 

Diet Cut Or Foiled Lids 

You can select unique and different styles to pack your product. For instance, to give the customers a sneek peek at your product you can use pie boxes with window. In the same way, if you want to create a royal touch then using metallic foiling will fulfill your intended purpose. 

Box Material 

Select a material that has the ability to withstand pressure, any inferior quality material will not only damage your product quality but also decrease the image of your brand. Therefore, it is crucial and unavoidable to use a good-quality material for your boxes. 

You can select the two most common and ideal materials, namely cardboard and corrugated materials for all your bakery boxes like chocolate packaging boxes wholesale, cakes, pies boxes, etc. 

Printings And Color Selection 

Moving ahead to the most favorite part of box designing, i.e. printing and color selection. Select vibrant and catchy hues to grab the attention of the customers. For bakery boxes, pastel colors are the most suitable. After selecting the color, select the artwork that you want to print on your boxes. The more unique and catchy your design will be, the more you will get the chance to attract customers. 

Inserts For Dividers 

In personalized pie boxes, you can add inserts or dividers for additional protection. Both these are not compulsory, however, by adding them you can ensure extra protection to your pies or chocolates. Inserts also allow you to pack more than one type of product in packaging, like chocolate, muffins, pies, etc. 

Themed Boxes 

An additional benefit that you can get by customization, is that you can select a theme for your packaging for special occasions. For example, if you are selling pies at the time of Christmas, you can add related artwork to the boxes. By doing this, you can give customers a unique and memorable experience, which will help you in increasing your sales. 

Final Words! 

Custom pie boxes can play an important and beneficial role in the growth of your bakery if you design them in the best possible ways. The design and style of the boxes hold reasonable importance in the success of a brand because customers love new and trendy packaging. By following the tips mentioned in the article you can get a good idea about the design of your personalized pie boxes. 

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