Simple Do’s and Don’ts for Better Wi-Fi Connection

Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 10:08 am

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Experiencing problems with your current Wi-Fi? It can be due to many factors. You may not see it initially, but it will affect your performance.

You may experience slower speeds, delayed loading times, and sluggish connections. On the other hand, it may not be a problem when you browse at your own leisure. That is until everyone at home shares the Wi-Fi. Sometimes it can also be a problem coming from your internet service provider.  If you want a better Wi-Fi experience, here are some do’s and don’ts you can follow.

Do: Maximize the Wi-Fi’s signal strength

Each router has a limit on how fast the internet speed can go. When the strength is not enough, you can buy Wifi boosters to maximize its capabilities. The booster can enhance the speed while also giving you better performance. It can be helpful when the booster is in the same signal range as the router.

The booster can extend the existing signal for more coverage. However, it has to be placed in strategic areas. It ensures that there will be no dead spots in the signal.

Don’t: Let objects get in the way of your signal

Various objects can block your signal. Check your house rooms for what can interfere with the signal. It can be the walls, for example. Why? Some walls can block signal when it is thick enough. It is also why some buildings tend to have boosters to have enough coverage in the whole place.

Appliances can also disrupt signals. For example, your microwave, light bulbs, and smartphone emit electromagnetic waves. You will not notice it with the naked eye, but the devices can detect it. So as much as possible, clear up any potential obstacles so the internet can be stable.

Do: Configure your devices

Configuration to the correct settings will give your Wi-Fi an enhanced output. It is recommended that both router and booster should have the same configuration so the signal will be evened out.

Each device has its specifications when you connect. If the wireless connection cannot work between devices, you may need to connect with an ethernet cable manufacturer. That way, the signal will stay consistent throughout the network. However, make sure that the cable does not conflict with other cables. Why? Tangled cables can mean more problems in the long run.

Don’t: Overload your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi has its limitations. When there are too many devices connected to the internet, the network can overload.

Once it overloads, the network will slow down, causing the devices to have delayed internet connections and downloads. To get around this, you may turn off the connection on devices that are not being used. You may also use third-party software which can control the bandwidth. Make sure that the software you are using does not interfere with your internet connection and security. It can be a possible reason why the Wi-Fi is overloading.

Do: Conduct troubleshooting when needed

Troubleshooting can help address potential problems in the Wi-Fi before it gets worse. If the router and booster were able to detect anything, do it as early as possible.

After troubleshooting, do a test if the network is working properly. When a device is able to connect, it means that the troubleshooting worked. However, contact your internet service provider when the signal stays weak, even to the booster. They may have an idea of how to fix the signal issues.

Wrap Up

Getting a better Wi-Fi connection can be made through simple means. It can be as easy as managing your devices regularly. The way how you manage your network will reflect how the service works. In the end, the router and booster must always be up-to-date.

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