Occupancy Monitoring in the Workplace is now Essential
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Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, it has been evident that we must grab our safety into our own hands and take necessary measures to prevent catching the virus. No matter where we go, masks have become a necessity to prevent us from this infection. But unfortunately, this is not the endgame. We must take further precautions in the form of maintaining social distance too. This should be done everywhere we go, especially at workplaces. 

Occupancy monitoring has become essential now to mitigate this risk. This type of tracking system can help be a valuable tool in analyzing whether employees are really catering to the safety protocols when occupying their work desks and rooms. But there is so much more to look into with the help of this measure. That is why it is important to understand what occupancy monitoring is and how it can be essential for your business during these stringent times. 

A Brief About Occupancy Monitoring

Occupancy monitoring is a tracking system that helps provide precise information on the presence of people in a working environment. There are various forms of occupancy monitoring techniques to help do this. Sensors, cameras, and even occupancy monitoring software can be some of the most valuable tools to provide real-time information on this. But there are many others. These can help you understand how much time the employee is spending on their work desk and when they leave or come there. 

Once this type of information is gathered, there are diverse ways one can leverage it for their business. 

Why Is Occupancy Monitoring ‘The Need Of The Hour’ Today?

1. Raising Employee Safety

We have already discussed above how it is our responsibility to take our safety into our own hands. But sometimes, when we are working in a corporate environment, being even slightly irresponsible can affect the company exponentially. It can bring down its sales, revenue, and overall day-to-day operations. That is why every employee’s safety and health are also the company’s responsibility. This is why giving weightage to occupancy monitoring is important today. 

Occupancy monitoring techniques can help companies track the occupancy behavior of their employees. This will help them to understand how many social distancing measures they are all adhering to. This will also help them identify which employees need to be vigilant about this, and more improvement can be expected in their behavior. As such, the more employees will focus on maintaining social distancing in fear of undergoing occupancy monitoring, the more likely the firm is to mitigate its future problems and financial losses due to its employees. 

2. Ensuring Occupancy Management

Office spaces can be quite a concern when the employees are rising daily, and the office space is small. This problem is one that even big companies face timely. That is why it becomes prudent to practice occupancy management by tracking how existing employees’ occupied spaces are utilized. This also helps make sure that the employees are glued to their work desks during work hours and not doing anything else. As such, the company uses a diverse set of occupancy management techniques to make this possible. 

3. Fostering A Clean Environment 

Sustainability and eco-friendliness should not only be present outside of the workplace. Even in the office spaces, it is important to ensure a clean and clutter-free environment so that the risks of germs and the spread of infections can be mitigated. This also means taking small steps toward ensuring employee safety for the best experience. Since office spaces require comprehensive cleaning right after the employees have left, it becomes important to understand which spaces were most used. 

This helps clean those spaces more efficiently than those that were not used at all. Occupancy monitoring also helps employers to foster real-time information on keeping the environment clean. It also raises awareness so employees follow the rules accurately. These employees can also be tracked for further improvement during the process of occupancy monitoring. 

4. Delivers Details On Extra Space

As most companies have switched to a hybrid form of working, it becomes important to map out which spaces are still occupied by employees who come to the office. Similarly, it becomes necessary to map out which employees are now working-from-home that might result in their spaces becoming vacant in the workplace. Once you map these out using occupancy monitoring tools, it becomes easier to utilize those spaces more efficiently and create more departments to facilitate better work management in the office.

With workplace occupancy monitoring, it also becomes easy for you to determine the average utilization levels of these places. So, the underused areas will not go vacant anymore. 

5. Foster Workplace Productivity 

Comprehensive occupancy monitoring helps you understand how much more space is needed at the office to create more informal workspaces and create employee-driven amenities that improve their productivity. Break-out areas, interactive rooms, and video conferencing rooms can also be built if your company is looking to improve its employee benefits. This way, employees will be more driven towards coming to the office and working with productivity intact. It will also help uplift your company’s overall market reputation, which can help it soar to new heights on time. 

6. Attract And Retain Talent 

Today, it does not matter how big your company is on its clients and reputation. If the company does not provide enough facilities to its employees, the employees are likely to leave the company for a better one soon. That is why it becomes crucial to track the empty spaces that are using occupancy monitoring in the office. Then, you can leverage those spaces to expand them for employee facilities. This helps comprehensively in improving their productivity, as discussed above, which will eventually attract more employees to the office and retain them in the company. 

Occupancy monitoring is a brilliant method to uplift your workplace if only you know how to do it right. So, make the most of it while you can. Start today!

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