Mobile App Testing Trends of 2024

Last updated on January 20th, 2024 at 09:07 am

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The mobile application industry is growing at a rapid speed and one can see a lot of new mobile apps getting launched in the market almost every month. These applications have made the lives of its users a lot easier. However, companies launching these mobile apps have to invest in the proper maintenance and security testing to ensure nothing can go wrong at any point in time. Every year we see each one of the mobile application testing companies of the mobile app testing industry looking into the trends for the year to redefine its workflows and process.

What are the trends of mobile app testing for the year 2024? Are we going to see something new or will some trends from the past show up again? Well, to answer these and some other trend related questions coming up in your mind, we have made a list of trends you would see this year.

Evolution of Test Automation

Automation testing became a part of the mobile app testing industry a long time ago. However, this year, it is evolving and becoming even better. It is made better to test all features for every OS version, device, and different combinations. This has allowed the companies to launch releases even faster and cover even more ground when testing.

AI and ML Involved

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become the trendiest topics of the time. You will find it hard to look for any field operating without these technologies. We are certain that this year we will see AI in more action while interacting with different systems to yield improvements and making processes faster than ever. We can see the QA team of every mobile application testing company getting benefit from it.

IoT Testing

The Internet of Things is the next big thing after AI and ML. With its unlimited sensors, computers, and devices connected with each other all over the globe, IoT is taking over the earth to make our lives better and easier. We will be seeing new trends setting up in the world of IoT testing hence, covering its performance, security, scalability, connectivity, usability, and data integrity.

Agile Testing Trending

Agile testing would be seen in action in the mobile app testing industry along with the software testing industry. This will go hand in hand with test automation as it needs proper configuration, verification of the requirements, test case building, and much more. Having an agile approach guarantees that everything is done with a degree of good performance, speed, and efficiency.


The mobile application testing industry is growing at a much faster pace than ever given the need for the time and demand of the customers. A lot of the companies belonging to this industry are already changing according to the new trends. Are you considering making your mobile application testing company change with the demands of 2024? If not, we would suggest you do make some changes in order to stay in the market and have satisfied customers.

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