How to Test a Chatbot with Defect Management Tools?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 10:56 am

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In today’s era of rapidly evolving technology, Artificial Intelligence has become the thread of every business through smart chatbots and some other software. These chatbots have taken human-computer interaction and client servicing to a whole new level that might not be able to beat by other technologies to come in the near future. We have seen these chatbots playing a significant role in different industries but are you aware of the hidden force between them driving them to give the best results? Defect management tools are the unsung heroes behind the success and fame of chatbots. Do you know these issue management software make things easier for your business and your clients? If your answer is “No”, you definitely are missing on a lot of things.

Chatbots and Issue Management Tools

Not a lot of people talk about issue management tools doing magic for chatbots but today, we would like to shed some light on this topic. We have gathered some chatbot testing steps and the role of the management tools for bugs in the success of each step. Read all of the headings below to have an idea about it.

Identifying Issues in the Chatbot

One of the main steps of the chatbot testing is to find the issues in order to proceed to the next steps. For finding issues, you have to plan certain activities like making use cases and then building test cases based on these use cases. Defect management tools help the testers put every little detail regarding the software in one place so the use cases and test cases can be made easily. This ensures a smooth flow of the whole activity with some promising results.

Compiling Results of Each Test Case

Since chatbots are smart software designed to handle multiple conversations with humans, there are multiple test cases to test each scenario as well. At times, testers find it hard to compile and keep the results of all of the test cases in a single folder as they can easily get shuffled. Management tools come handy here as they keep the test results along with the steps followed right against every test case designed. This gives testers peace of mind and speeds up the future processes too as they do not have to go through folders to find what they need.

Intent or Phrase Matching in Conversation

Let’s accept the fact that humans are a lot more complicated than AI can ever be. Where this is an advantage for us right now, AI can’t take over the world any sooner, this is a disadvantage as well. Artificial intelligence in the chatbots is not strong enough to understand different sentences trying to say the same things. They are hard-coded with the initial number of phrases fed in their memory, sentences shared by the users over time, and information gathered from the internet. Issue management tools help testers test every single intent of the chatbot and see where the issue is coming from. They help testers reach to the root of every issue so they can easily see where they went wrong and devise solutions for it.

Treating the Identified Bugs

If you believe that chatbots are made, tested, and rolled out in one go, you are missing a lot of the steps that go in the middle. Every chatbot is testing more than a dozen times before it is stated fit to be introduced in the market. But what is the need to test it dozens of times? Well, no bug is gone in just one go. Testers have to test the chatbot, again and again, to ensure the solution applied has not messed any other part of the chatbot, is working perfectly fine, or needs some amendments in other features as well. All this combined becomes a huge and hectic task for the testers but with the help of defect management tools, things become easier, better, and faster.


Chatbots have given an extra boost to the small, medium, and large-scale businesses and you can see all the positive changes it has brought with it. With the number of satisfied customers growing, businesses need to understand to make their chatbots perform even better with proper health management. Issue tracking tools and bug management tools have become irreplaceable in this whole journey as they add speed, efficiency, and offers better results. Have you opted for this software? If not, what are you waiting for? Your competitors are already one step ahead of you with the set of this software at their back!

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