How To See Hidden Status On WhatsApp?

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 10:11 am

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Are you eager to know how you can easily see hidden Status on Whatsapp of your friends and family? If yes then you are in the right place. Here you will find all the ways through which you can see WhatsApp’s hidden status.

As you know that you can only see the Whatsapp status of those people who save your contact number. But, If anyone’s status disappears then might be the status is hidden or maybe they blocked you.

So, if you are also facing this issue or someone excluded you from seeing your status then you can go with this article. This will help you to see some private statuses on WhatsApp. 

Also, you can read code to check if phone is hacked, it will help you to solve your issues. This may be the quickest manner through which you may without problems realize if a person is into your phone or not.

Reasons why you might not see someone’s Whatsapp status

We mentioned a few points in the above section for why you are not able to get access to someone’s Whatsapp. But, it is very important to know all the reasons why you are not capable of seeing someone’s Whatsapp status.

Major reasons why this happens with you:-

  1. The first reason for facing this hidden WhatsApp status might be that the user does not save your phone number in the contact list. Yes, It is a major reason if you or a person doesn’t save a contact number then the status must be hidden. According to the rules and regulations of Whatsapp you have to save someone’s contact number first to see their status.
  2. The second reason is due to personal conflicts if someone blocked your contact number. If someone blocks you then you are not able to see the status. 

Methods how to see hidden WhatsApp status

To view anyone’s hidden WhatsApp status you have many methods. Let’s explore all of them one by one.

Method 1 – Use Of Alternative App

To access someone’s status you can use another app that is GBWhatsapp. You can use the below steps to download GBWhatsapp.

  • Click on the mentioned link to to download the app.
  • Download the app and open it
  • Tap on the top icon mentioned on the home page
  • You will find the option of Hiding or viewing status

Through this option, you can see someone’s hidden and blocked status easily. The app will work to see someone’s status who blocked you on Whatsapp.

With these steps, you can easily see the hidden WhatsApp status. Also, you can buy WhatsApp followers from this site

Method 2 – Unmute The Mute Status

The second method is applicable if you muted someone’s status mistakenly. Follow the steps and unmute the status of the person to make it visible.

  • Click on the Whatsapp App
  • Click on the Status Icon
  • Scroll down on the status page and you will find the mute status
  • Click on the down arrow button to unmute the status

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps you can easily see the WhatsApp status of the person. So, easily follow the steps and find the answer to your query on how to view the WhatsApp status of someone.

Methods 3 – Save Contact Number

This one is the 100% working method of the users. If we connect with someone on Whatsapp it is very necessary to save the contact number of that person to show status. Not only status but you will be able to see the Desktop picture of that person too if they select the option to show DP only to the contact person.

If the person and you save the contact number then you can easily view the WhatsApp status of that person. 

Method 4 – Download the Status Saver App

  • The first step is to go to your play store app
  • Click on the search bar and search Status Saver App
  • Click on the App you find on the page
  • Hit the Install Button and add an app in your app list
  • Once the app is download click on it and grant the permission to the app

This app will help you to save all the status of your contact list. You can simply watch the status of anyone through these steps.

Is it possible to see someone’s DP who blocked you?

Yes, It is possible if the DP of that person is publicly visible. You can download the WhatsApp version and create another account and see the picture of that person who blocked you.

Conclusion – How to see someone’s Whatsapp hidden status?

With the help of the above-mentioned techniques, you can easily see the hidden WhatsApp status of your friends, family, and other persons. Might be against the policy or illegal but most people look for this content. So go with the mentioned details and view the blocked and hidden WhatsApp status. 

The steps are easy to follow. If you are finding any difficulty then you can easily go with our video tutorial.

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