How to Make a Bone Bruise Heal Faster?
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Accidents, sports injuries, and arthritis, people suffer predominantly from bone bruises. It is painful and takes months to heal properly, so you must know how to make a bone bruise heal faster.

The cause of the bone bruise happens when fibrosis tissues called trabeculae inside the bone get damaged. So it’s compulsory to consult with a doctor to ensure no fractures. After assuring, you can use light therapy, apply heat, and arnica to boost the healing process. However, consuming alcohol, smoking, sugar, and processed food is harmful or can worsen bone bruising.

This article mentions some beneficial tips and remedies to cure bone bruising swiftly. Keep reading to learn more.

Ways to Heal Bone Bruise Faster

The bone bruise is a step before fracture and might lead to severe fracture, so it’s better to treat your condition accordingly. However, some of these tips can be your life changer as they will aid in healing the bone bruiser faster and reduce the pain. Here we have mentioned the tricks you may apply with a recommended doctor’s prescription in your daily routine.

Light Therapy to Reduce Bruises

Using red light therapy for healing bruises is best because it relieves pain without any side affect. This therapy delivers rich nutrients to blood flow for faster healing. It can repair the new capillaries formation and aid in reducing bruises. It penetrates through your skin to treat dermis and subcutaneous tissues and targets angiogenesis, producing new blood vessels.

Furthermore, it can help reduce swelling, pain, and bruising as you can perform this therapy daily, but you must follow the instructions accordingly. You must use it for around twenty to thirty minutes to heal the bruising faster but use it sparingly as it can worsen the condition. 

Applying Heat

The bone bruise means the blood is trapped in the area, so you need to release it by applying heat. This can boost blood circulation and blood flow without any pain. It can aid in loosening muscle tension and reduce pain in the affected area.

Moreover, you may apply heat using a hot water bottle, soaking warm water, and a heating pad to soothe stiff joints or bone bruises. It will eventually help to fade bruises and heal faster as it can dilate blood vessels by drawing oxygen and nutrients.  

Compression to Heal Faster

Compression can squeeze tissues to prevent blood vessels from leaking. Wrapping the bandage can reduce swelling and pain in the affected area. The bone damage bruising is much more severe than normal bruising, so protecting it from further damage is better.

In addition, if the bruise is around the joints, it’s better to wear a bandage to fasten the healing process. Yet, wrapping it too tightly can block the blood flow and leads to extreme swelling, numbness, and discomfort.

Elevate the injured area

Elevating the bruised bone area from the heart level to relieve pain and drain blocked blood effortlessly. Also, it can aid in reducing pressure and compression to provide you relaxing feeling. This trick can prevent bruises from getting bigger and boost the healing process.

You may sleep by elevating your injured area to relieve pain and provide better sleep. Or, you must raise the bruising area for twenty minutes multiple times daily to swiftly cure the injury.

Arnica Ointment or Gel

This homeopathic herb prevents inflammation, swelling and is ideal for treating bruising. This ointment can benefit in multiple ways, such as reducing laser-induced bruising, fracture bruising or sports injury bruising. You must use arnica gel or cream twice or thrice daily for faster results. But it’s better to consult a doctor.

Moreover, arnica is available for oral use as it is an herbal ingredient, so it’s safe to digest for better results. If swelling from nose surgery, arnica ointments accelerate postoperative recovery and less bruising quickly.

Using Vitamin K Cream

Applying vitamin k cream is vital to reduce blood clotting, as it contains nutrients. You may use it with moisture for smoothing skin. The severe bruise will fade if gently rubbing this cream on the bruised area. To reduce dark spot or fading bruises applying this formula increase the stimulation and improve blood flow.

But, you must apply this maximum of two times a day for two weeks, approximately, for a faster healing process. And vitamin K is beneficial for people suffering from osteoporotic conditions as it can increase bone mineral density and eliminate fracture rates.

Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplements can boost the healing process as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. However, multiple vitamin C products, such as serums, gels, and creams, can reduce swelling and bruised areas. People suffering from low vitamin C are at higher risk of bruising easily and fractures, so it is best to take vitamins accordingly.

In addition, intaking vitamin C does not mean taking supplements. You must eat fruits and vegetables that are highly enriched with this nutrient. You must take 100 mg to three grams of vitamin C daily for months until the bruising fades.

Natural Ways to heal bruise swiftly

Aloe vera and pineapples are the natural ways to prevent nursing as these contain properties that aid in reducing pain and inflammation. Pineapples have enzymes that help reduce severe bruises, or you may apply a supplement containing enzyme properties. Using aloe vera gel directly on the wound aids in reducing bruises and pain.

The gel gets soaked by the skin and eliminates blood clotting, relieving blood flow efficiently. Additionally, calcium is vital as it can strengthen your bones and combat bruise pain. You must eat plums, oranges, nuts, and beans as these natural ingredient contains boron which helps to heal faster. 

Bottom Line

How to make bone bruises heal faster might take weeks or months to heal correctly, and rest is essential for maximum healing. You can use arnica ointment, light therapy, and eating healthily is vital to eliminate bruising.

Moreover, experts encourage to use of some home remedies for recovery speedily. But it’s better to consult a doctor if the pain worsens, develops a lump, or notices blood in the urine.

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