How to Fix Smart Devices that Suddenly Freezes
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It is indeed an inconvenience if your smart device’s screen suddenly freezes, especially if you are in the middle of your games or watching a movie. It could also be a cause for concern that may lead people to believe that their phone is broken and in need of repairs or worse, buy a new one.  If such an instance is definitely your concern for the day, then you would be glad to know that the short but informative blog that I prepared is what you are looking for! In this article, I will share with you tips and tricks on how you can quickly fix the issue of any smart device’s screen suddenly freezing and unresponsive, and regain the satisfaction of using your unit for both work and play.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

The presence of bugs and accumulation of cache leads to system errors that render your smartphone to malfunction. But you don’t have to worry about anything if this is the particular reason why your mobile phone’s screen froze because once you have cleared the cache and bugs, your user interface should go back to normal as well. And like any issues with a smart device, the first solution available to you is restarting your unit and it should clear out the system errors that are causing the screen of your smartphone to freeze. But you may wonder how you are going to reboot your mobile phone considering that the screen is frozen or significantly unresponsive. The solution to the subject matter is to do a hard reset or force restart by simply pressing the “+” button or “-” button simultaneously with the power button.

Charge Your Smart Device

If you frequently allow the phone to fully discharge to 0%, then it is likely that the unit will have software bugs that would cause several malfunctions which include the screen being frozen. Thus, it is suggested that you have to recharge your phone as soon as it reaches 20% or if it has reached 0%, never charge it to a full 100% percent and let it have an 80% of battery life. With this being said–if the problem came from the improper charging of the phone, then the solution might be charging it as well. An unconventional way to troubleshoot your smart device when the screen froze is to charge your unit. And yes, in some cases, simply plugging in somehow reboots the system as the surge of power clears the system errors that are causing the user interface to malfunction. 

Check Your Unit’s Storage Space

You have to bear in mind that mobile applications use the storage space as well whenever you are using them or running in the background. If your phone’s screen is unresponsive and freezes from time to time but you can still somehow manage to browse through the phone’s user interface, then you may have to check your smartphone’s storage if it is running low. Once you determine that it already has a low memory, then you have to delete unnecessary files and restart the phone to clear out the errors.

Perform a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset on your phone is the last resort you can do if none of the tips in the previous section have provided the help you need. Similar to a desktop computer or laptop, a factory reset will delete all the applications you have downloaded and files you have accumulated over the period, and you have to start from scratch. But before doing a factory reset, you have to be sure that you have backed up all of your files or stored them in the cloud so it would be easier for you to recover your data afterward. The factory reset option can be found in the settings tabs of your phone. It will ask you to enter your phone password, and it will ask you again whether you would like to resume the process. The factory reset will take a few minutes to accomplish. But if the screen has completely frozen, you can find the factory reset option by doing a hard reset as it will redirect you to the reboot screen.

Final Thoughts

Your phone’s screen suddenly being frozen is indeed an annoyance especially if you are doing something important with your device. But again, there are simple solutions available at your disposal to fix the issue. However, if all of these tips have provided no help at all, then it is the best time to bring them to the service center. And if you are searching for a smartphone that offers tons of functionality and features, then the HONOR Magic 6 Lite parameters are what you are looking for. It has outstanding hardware that is perfect for decent gaming, and it will offer you a deep impression with HONOR Magic 6 Lite UK price.

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