How to Do Market Research: A Comprehensive Guide
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Market research is a tool used as a base in any business operation, from the start of the business to product success. Delivery, marketing, and everything become more informed and straightforward with market research services. However, this process is not simple, and complexity may lead to an ineffective outcome. So, you must know the value, types, and market research process.

What Makes Market Research So Important?

There are several reasons why Market research is a valuable tool for any business. From bringing you the knowledge of the right opportunities to helping in the marketing of products, it is crucial to businesses in many ways, so here are some of the benefits of market research that make it a must for businesses.

Helps You Find Business Opportunities

Market research is a great way to analyze the market that you are going to enter with your new business or expanding in a new vertical. Market research for this purpose gives you many insights, including demand, current supply, and risk appetite. Moreover, you can also use market research services to determine the price, audience, marketing strategy, and many more. In totality, your new business powered by market research will be able to get more opportunities as it will not be a random move.

Quick Problem Solution with Lean Market Research

In a business, frequent problems regarding customers are widespread. Many times, it happens that there is a flaw going on in your system, which is making many customers face similar problems. So, in such situations, a quick response is essential. However, to be quick to solve the problem, it is also important to have a system that can get you the data and insights fast. Here lean market research approach helps a lot. It is an approach that is used to gather insights quickly. In simple terms, it is a full-fledged market research process but faster and used in marketing, customer service, and overall brand improvement.

Helps You Boost Your Sales

Investing in market research services can help you get the benefit of selling techniques like cross-selling and upselling. In recent years, Amazon and Flipkart have used cross-selling a lot. Moreover, Amazon alone has made 35% of its revenue through cross-selling. But cross-selling is not making combos. It includes market research, where you need to learn about which complementary products are getting sold with a primary product. A simple example can be a phone’s cover and screen protector with a smartphone.

What Are the Types of Market Research?

There are two main types of market research. These two types are primary and secondary. The differences between primary and secondary market research are basically the sources. Still, it creates a big difference in the outcome of both.

Primary Research

Primary research is when you source fresh data from sources like one-to-one interviews, focus groups, and market research surveys. Primary research’s outcome is more personalized according to your business. The insights that you get are specially made for your business. Thus, the cost of primary research is more than the cost of secondary market research.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is when you source data from sources like newspapers, research papers, published reports, etc. In secondary market research, the purpose of the research is not very specific to the business. Hence, the insights are not very personalized.

What is the Process of Market Research?

The market research process isn’t simple, but it is so effective that it is worth all the capital and time invested. So here is the process of market research surveys.

  1. Define Your Audience

First, you must know the audience that you want to target. It can be done by creating a buyer persona. It is basically a profile that you make based on the audience that you will be targeting.

  1. Find a Group that Resembles Your Audience

Now, find a group that resembles the buyer persona you have created. They should have all the qualities of your buyer persona, like their problems, buying capacity, and buying patterns. All this should be similar to your Expected audience.

  1. Create Research Surveys and Questions

Now, it’s time to create research surveys for the group. Include the relevant questions only. In addition, the survey size should also be ideal so that you’ll be able to get the most responses. However, suppose you have chosen any other way to collect the data. In that case, you should still create questions to ask the participants. Other data collection methods are focus groups, online surveys, telephonic surveys, etc.

  1. Determine Your Competition

Not including competition in your research will somehow make it less effective. So, list your Competitors and what has to be evaluated about your competitors according to the purpose of the market research.

  1. Get Outcome

Lastly, process everything and document everything. Moreover, it extracts insights from the data, which are easier to understand and let you make informed decisions. The outcome can also include graphics and charts to make it more easy to understand.

Wrapping Up

This blog must have cleared your doubts about market research, its types, and its implementation. However, you should also understand that it’s a tricky process, so it is essential to get backed by professionals.

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