How Splunk Is Using Acquisitions to Improve Its Cloud Computing Offerings

Last updated on May 6th, 2021 at 10:11 am

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Digital data and analysis company Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) recently announced a number of changes and updates in its field, including the launch of a new tool called the Observability Suite. In line with the new product range, the head of the Data Inspectorate announced two new acquisitions to increase its capabilities.

After taking a closer look at these announcements, the longtime shareholder is pleased with the company’s progress as a new digital era opens up.

Leveraging past acquisitions with new ones

The turbulent demand for data analysis in recent years caused by the introduction of cloud computing has created new dynamics for the industry. The area was sparked by new companies such as Datadog (NASDAQ: DDOG), Elastic (NYSE: ESTC) and others who want to seize the opportunity. Splunk even had to make some changes. As it began in the era of modern information technology, it is also experiencing its own cloud-based development.

However, the new first strategy in the cloud is well under way, both with updated customer service tools and software fees. The new monitoring package integrates infrastructure, digital experience (user organization և interaction), application efficiency for response tools and search screens into a single platform. 

Many of the possibilities of a new generation of cloud-based multi-cloud features were borrowed from SignalFX for infrastructure information software about a year ago, based on current Splunk data analytics software.

Observability Suite is intended for large organizations that require the use of databases. This also goes hand in hand with Splunk’s continued momentum, given 89% profit from ARR cloud software, which has increased its annual revenue (ARR) by 50% between years. 

Two new breakthroughs have been announced to improve the Observability Suite. The first is the acquisition of a small software company, a user monitoring Plumbr և applications. Another was the announcement of the acquisition of Rigor, a tool for streamlining digital surveillance.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to start their gaming activities, which may not be as dramatic as the first half of the $ 1.05 billion SignalFX it earned last year. Plumbr and Rigor can still be a great thing if they support the Watch Suite with different competitors taking Splunk heels.

Splunk to Acquire Plumbr and Rigor

SAN FRANCISCO & .conf20 – October 20, 2020 – Splunk Inc., an integrated information company (NASDAQ: SPLK) today announced the completion of its acquisition of Plum, which provides automatic device monitoring (APM) and real-time user tracking. did. Provides detailed information about the company’s presentation. … Learn Splunk also announced that it has entered into a final agreement to acquire Rigor, which monitors the digital experience (DEM) and offers advanced virtual tracking and optimization tools. Strong solutions help customers get the most out of their digital channels.

As a result of product acquisition and integration, Splunk will significantly expand its APM and DEM capabilities. The combined strength of Splunk Observability Suite ultimately provides a seamless browsing experience for both cloud and on-premises environments, as well as software architecture transformations. With the application.

“The global acceleration of diverse and complex architects is revolutionizing it. Development, operations and information teams everywhere need real-time, representative and ML solutions to help quickly and safely modernize cloud-based applications,” said Team CEO Tali. “Together, Vodovod and Rigor are accelerating Splunk’s vision to provide a comprehensive sustainability package with the best DEM and APM in the classroom for all applications. “Splunk is an industry leader and provides customers with a complete and accurate overview of their data.”

Plumbr provides advanced software, analytics, as well as advanced user interface (RUM) features to analyze Java, PHP, Python, and. Net. By adding Plumbr technology and Splunk Observability Suite, customers can diagnose and resolve current issues as well as RUM, data storage analysis, and image code authorization.

Rigor offers a unique DEM platform that combines the power of monitoring-ready and intelligent optimization tools to help customers analyze, fix and prevent web performance and API impact. User experience. Opposition Solutions may complete the recently announced RUM Splunk offering as part of a better follow-up of the company’s compliance.

“By integrating our existing Slunk portfolio of controllers with Rigor and Plumber, our customers can accelerate digital transformation at the speed they need for today’s business,” added Craig Hyde, CEO of Rigor. “I can’t think of a better culture and technology partner than Splunk, and I want to help Splunk customers influence Rigor to change data.”

The best value and an enduring growth story

Splunk shares are up 40% by 2020 and are now 14 times higher than expected this year. This is a discounted price for some of their young people, as the performance of the new cloud era will be very different.

But these are the values ​​I still sell. Splunk’s free money (ISK 7,157 million in the first half of the year) is declining and is likely to return to good territory next year. At the end of July, the company had $ 8 2.08 billion in investment capital and 25 2.25 billion convertible debt. This is not a straightforward balance sheet, but Splunk is under a lot of expense and a lot of money to strengthen data analysis to keep up with growth. As a reminder, former leaders predicted that ARR 6 would reach 4.6 billion by 2022. The current ARR is only 9 1.9 billion.

This is the top list the company has decided on, but if the new cloud connects the pipeline and power to the cloud devices, it will help. I am happy to continue to be a helper on Splunk’s journey.

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