How do I monitor my kid’s text messages on the iPhone?
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Monitoring kids’ text messages requires time with the changes in time. Parents are concerned while kids spend unlimited hours chatting. They are worried and want to know who they communicate with to ensure they use their time effectively. Therefore, parents want a secure tool to monitor kids’ iPhone text messages. So, there is only one way to track kids’ activities: by using excellent iphone monitoring and tracking tools. Let’s read this topic and come to know how to read messages without knowing the targeted person. 

What is a text message monitoring app?

Text message monitoring app is software that specifically spy on targeted user’s messages. It enables everyone to track the device and read all their sent or received messages without knowing them. Moreover, it allows you to detect suspicious chats and conversations.

How can parents monitor kids’ text messages?

Most of the time, parents worry and want to check their kids’ activities to ensure their safety. but there is an authentic method that never disappoints you during your kid’s online protection. Hence, please choose the best app that never allows parents to track their kid’s online activities.

Use the proper third-party application.

Choose TheOneSpy monitoring and tracking technology to find the online actions of your loved ones. This provides insight into your loved ones’ online activities without anyone’s notice. Users can install the spy app on the targeted device and check everything that happened on it. Once established, it provides a detailed report of performed activities without knowing them. With this, you can spy on sent or received messages, call conversations, social media performance, location tracker, and geo-fence. That’s not enough; using TheOneSpy app allows you to block unwanted apps and websites from your loved ones’ devices.  

This app is designed to track your loved one’s devices for safety and protection. Therefore, you have to install it for the digital well-being of your kids.

What TheOneSpy offers?

TheOneSpy provides a comprehensive list of features allowing users to monitor the targeted devices for safety. The most advanced features of the targeted device are listed below.

  • Read text messages
  • Listen to call conversations
  • Spy on social media
  • Track real-time location
  • Set geo-fence
  • Block apps
  • Block websites

How to monitor kids’ text messages

 You can only track the targeted device by installing the app on your loved one’s devices. It gives you a guide to track the devices for secret monitoring. With the help of these steps, you can easily track and monitor the targeted device in secret.

Follow this guide that enables you to track digital devices

Subscribe to the app by visiting the web

First, you have to visit the official website of TheOneSpy app and view the subscription package.

Get email

After that, you have to open the email to get the official credentials.

Install the app

Now, you have to install the app on the targeted device and make it invisible. Once you do it, you’ll able to track the devices and use them as undetectable apps.

Login to the web portal

It’s time to log in to TheOneSpy web control panel using the given credentials.  

Ready to read the message

Once you have done all of this, you can easily read all sent or received messages from your loved one’s devices. with this you can prevent kids from strangers and online predators 


Now, TheOneSpy gives you an opportunity to track the targeted devices and enable you to read the text conversation of your loved ones’ iPhones. But install this app and enable them to read their messages without knowing them. 

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