How do I Convert a JPEG To Editable Text?
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In this modern era, you may often have to convert the JPG into editable text format. It could be an image with a quote, an important document, or an instruction manual that you may have to edit or share the text with your friends, colleagues, clients, and others. Editing the text of the image will not happen because the jpg format does not come with text editing options. For this, go to because it offers a free JPEG-to-text converter that lets you convert image to text free accurately with the help of OCR technology.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

This is a technology that recognizes the characters that are typed, handwritten, and printed on the images. It enables the users to extract the data from the images in no time and provides the output in plain editable text form.  

If you want to make the data editable including bank statements, receipts, invoices, and instruction manuals etc, then get the help of this technology to accurately extract the text instantly. Read further to know the answer to the question how to copy text from a picture.

03 Free ways to Convert JPEG to Text:

Below we have provided three simple ways to convert JPEG to editable text format:

This is a website that provides a free picture-to-text converter. With its help of it, users can easily transform image files of various types into editable text formats. No additional installation of any kind of software is required to perform the conversion. The process of conversion is very fast and secure. Today, we may often have to convert image to text free and this is easily possible with the assistance of this free utility. 


Let’s see the below listed simple steps to perform the conversion:

  • Drag/drop or upload the image and wait a couple of seconds until the completion of the conversion. You can also add the dropbox link or the link of the drive. 
  • Press the download file icon to export the results in plain editable text form.

It is a website that contains an efficient image converter to transform the JPEG into editable text without facing any hurdles. While using it, the user does not have to go through a long registration process to convert a JPEG to text. Meanwhile, it performs the whole conversion directly by just making a few clicks, no registration, no additional installation or no fee is charged to convert the image to text free. To facilitate the use of approximately all the regions of the world it supports various languages. The batch processing makes it one of the fastest converters of the present time. 


Take a look on the following steps:

  • Simply, add the image, URL or link of the dropbox where your images are located.
  • After adding the images press the convert button and you will have the results in front of you within seconds.
  • Now, hit the copy, download or format icon to export the results.

This is a huge website that contains different tools to perform the conversion of various types. It allows the user to convert images to text with the help of a converter that uses OCR technology to precisely perform the conversion. By using it, users can perform countless conversions without paying even a single penny. 


Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, add the images to the toolbox of the converter. You can also add the URL, drive link or the link of the drop box. 
  • Hit the convert button to get the text from images and wait for just a couple of seconds. 
  • Once the images are converted, then press the download all button to have the result in the plain editable format. 

Final Words:

Converting a JPEG to an editable text file is much easier with the help of an online converter rather than retyping the text manually. So whenever you have to convert an image to text free, then get the assistance of an online image converter.

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