How an AI Paraphrasing Tool Helps to Improve Your Content Quality

Last updated on October 21st, 2022 at 04:06 am

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Content writers have to create new articles and blog posts daily. Due to the immense popularity and effectiveness of content marketing, there has been a huge increase in demand for new content.

Typically, there are tight deadlines as well, because people are scared that someone else might publish an article they are working on before them. To avoid plagiarism, they would have to scrap it. 

Working in such a high-pressure environment where deadlines are short and the workload is large can severely affect content writers.

Writers can get burnt out by churning out so many articles on a daily basis. However, there is simply no alternative other than to hire more writers. 

Hence content writers rely on writing assistant tools that help them maintain a certain standard of quality in their writing even at their worst.

One such tool is the AI paraphrasing tool. Let us look into how paraphrasers help content writers to improve their writing.

How an AI Paraphrasing Tool Helps to Improve Your Content Quality

AI paraphrasers are online tools that use artificial intelligence to rewrite content in a human-like manner. There are many variants of such tools, and the best of them go so far as to account for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when rephrasing. Given below are some ways in which the AI Paraphrasing Tool help improve content quality.

1. Improvement in Readability

AI paraphrasers come in many types. There are certain tools available online that have different paraphrasing modes. These modes usually differ in the amount of text they replace and whether they target words or phrases or both. 

Some of these tools come with special modes to improve the readability of the content. Meaning that if you feed the paraphrasing tool a complex passage, the output will be much easier to read than the input.

If you are a content writer, then you probably already know how important it is for your write-up to be readable. If your article is difficult to understand because of advanced vocabulary, fewer people will be able to read it, which is against marketing principles. Hence, paraphrasers that improve readability improve content quality from a marketing perspective. To improve the readability of your text, you can use the Readability Checker. All you need to do is paste your text into the appropriate field, wait a few seconds and correct the errors according to the recommendations

2. Reduce Recurrence of Same Words/Phrases

Content writers can fall prey to repetition in their work. When you have to write so much daily on similar topics the work becomes dull. Dullness kills creativity and writers can find themselves writing the same kind of thing over and over again.

This kind of repetition in a single article/blog post is very off-putting to read. And from a marketing perspective that is a big no-no. Articles should be interesting and enticing for the readers because that’s how they develop positive feelings towards the brand and get directed into the sales funnel.

Such repetition can be removed using an AI paraphrasing tool. When they rewrite some text, they usually replace every instance of the same word/phrase with a unique synonym. This results in very linguistically colorful text, which is much better at engaging readers compared to boring, repetitive text.

Repetition can occur due to various reasons such as lack of related vocabulary, insufficient knowledge of the topic, and tiredness.

3. Tweak Tone and Delivery

Depending on the topic and the target audience, writers have to cycle between several writing styles that differ in their tone and delivery. Changing the styles too often can sometimes blur the boundaries between them and writers unknowingly start mixing two or more styles.

If the mixing is too apparent then that can be easily rectified during proofreading, but sometimes it is not that noticeable. This means that there may be some statements that have a different tone and feel out of place. 

This is not really good for delivery, as readers are more susceptible to notice changes in the tone compared to the writer. They can get confused about the message being sent if the tone changes midway.

With some AI paraphrasers, users can rewrite entire articles in one tone. Many tools offer modes that can set the tone to formal, casual, confident, upbeat, or other tones if they are available. 

Usually, such tools are not completely free, so you might have to search harder or shell out some cash. Using such tools, you can make sure that your content is all written in one tone, which will also improve the delivery.

4. Eliminate Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is something that can severely tank the rating of an article. People do not like to read copied content and neither do search engines. When it comes to humans, they simply dislike the content, leave a rude comment, or just leave. Search engines on the other hand either reduce the rank of the page or remove the website from their index.

From that, we can gather that plagiarism does not make good quality content. So, this tip is not actually for improving content quality but rather avoiding ruining it.

Certain AI paraphrasing tools are equipped with special modes that are aimed at removing plagiarism. They can simply rewrite any part of the content that is duplicated and change it so drastically that there is no connection between the original and paraphrased version.

This is very helpful during proofreading and editing when it is much too late to completely rewrite the entire piece to remove plagiarism.


These were four tips to improve the quality of the content by getting help from AI-paraphrasing tools. These are actionable tips that can be applied to your content writing at this very instant.

AI-paraphrasing tools are very efficient at what they do, they have a number of advantages and benefits that warrant their usage. Content writers swamped with large workloads and tight deadlines should use such tools to improve their work efficiency and quality of life.

Improving content quality using AI-paraphraser tools is a legitimate use of such tools. There are definitely unethical uses of paraphrasers, but the tips mentioned in this article are ethical.

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