Estimated Cost of An App Like Duolingo
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Today, in the age of advanced technologies and the internet, people aim to learn new things without any hassle, whether it’s a language or skills. For instance, we usually think, ‘I want to learn French,’ or ‘I wish I knew Chinese.’ Now people have started showing interest in almost everything. Consequently, mobile apps are playing a vital role in almost every part. And you don’t need to find any institution to learn the native language of any country.

Learning a new language has become easy via mobile apps. Mobile apps aim to connect the world. Many applications are available on the App store to learn the vocabulary you want to learn in the native language.

Thus, mobile app development companies know the importance of mobile apps and spinning towards mobility solutions to practice the words they hear, learn vocabulary, and become fluent in the language.  

The market growth is vast and crucial that competition to emerge as the ultimate leader is rising. Several languages learning mobile apps have proven to hold an influential position in the market, but the leading one is Duolingo.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform with 300+ users. It is the most downloaded education app that aims to make education accessible, fun, and free to all. Luis Von Ahn developed the app in 2011.

The app uses low data, offers fast results, completely free, and helps users learn more than 30 major languages. Duolingo supports multiple innovative methods with different exercises and fun games on it.

How Does It Work?

  • Once you’re done creating an account, the app automatically offers a list of languages like French, German, English, Spanish, and more that you want to learn.
  • You can select a language, then find a landing page and skill tree that enables the course and its curriculum.
  • Certain icons contain skills; each icon consists of a lesson series.
  • A user must complete each unit, levels, and series of skill tree lessons to unlock lessons further.
  • The lessons are designed so that a user has to read, write, and translate the phrase they hear.
  • The app also has a learn-as-you-go pattern where vocabulary lessons allow you to match the words with the images, and incorrect answers lead to quick explanations.
  • Each unit includes grammar tips, conjugation tables, a cheat sheet, and other notes that might help users.

Features of Duolingo

  1. Courses with a set of lessons and exercise
  2. Gamification elements which provide a smoother user experience
  3. In-app Currency Function
  4. Achievement Badges
  5. Motivation
  6. Experience and Level of Learning
  7. Daily Learning Streaks
  8. Leaderboard stats in comparison to friends and the world.
  9. Other key features
  10. Social Clubs
  11. Built-in Feedback Feature
  12. Offline Mode
  13. Push Notification

Features to Build A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

There are some of the essential features that are important to create a language learning app like Duolingo.

1. User Feedback

The way to improve the app’s functionality is by adding a feedback feature where users can review the course within the app and give genuine feedback. This helps in knowing where the app is lacking.

2. All-in-One Platform

The application allows the user to read, speak, listen, and write at one platform that keeps them engaged.

3. Advanced Learning Process

A mobile app development company understands its users’ needs and offers them a quality presentation with an extended list of varying language courses.

4. Push Notification

Push Notification is another feature that every learning app must-have. It is the feature that reminds users to complete the course they started assuring to motivate them.

5. Free for Certain Time

It is significant to offer a feature of cost-free lessons for a certain time. After users complete their free lessons, they need to unlock advanced lessons by taking a premium account.

6. Social Media Integration

At last, the essential feature that an app like Duolingo must-have is the social sign-in feature. It has become really important among the apps and become a necessity whenever there is a login required.

Factors Influencing the Cost of An App

The following are crucial factors that influence an app’s cost while estimating the cost of an app.

The cost of developing an app largely depends on the platform you choose, whether it’s Android, iOS, or both. Therefore, it is substantial to research the customer base and their usage to build an app.

The development cost of iOS is higher than Android, but the number of devices usually use the Android platform. Besides, companies go for cross-platform apps because it aids both of the platforms. Remember that every platform needs the utilization of different tech-stack; thus, it will have different price ranges.


It is a key factor that an app has an attractive design to reach more audiences. If you’re planning to employ cutting-edge graphics and design to your app’s standards, it will surely give an extra burden of total development cost.


Some of the front-end development technologies are open-source, and some are not. Therefore, the cost also varies depending on the technology you choose. It also depends on what hourly price the front-end developer works.


Backend development platform help in deciding the cost of the project. Multiple development languages, frameworks, and hosting services will have various price tags.

App Technology

An app built with modern features such as MI or AI, VR/AR, Chatbot, or Blockchain will surely cost higher than expected.

Size of An App

App size is mainly influenced by the category and the number of features included in the app. As if the app is packed with more latest features, it impacts the total app development cost.


When it comes to creating an app like Duolingo, it is crucial to pay attention to the testing process. Testing is generally included within the package when you hire an app development company.

Estimated Cost to Develop A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

Now that you have seen that an app’s cost depends on various factors, it is hard to estimate its exact cost. The cost can be higher due to the high number of advanced and integrated technologies.

However, an app with basic features can cost around $10K – $30K for a single platform like iOS or Android; it can rise to around $50K for react native or hybrid platform.

If you’re looking forward to building your language learning app, then you must contact some of the best mobile app development companies for further assistance.

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