Elevate Your Presentation With Custom Full Flat Double Tray
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Some products require more protection and safety than other products. Mostly we’re worried about the safety of our expensive products during transportation. Custom Full flat double tray is the solution to all of our problems.

These double tray boxes are specifically designed for heavy and fragile products. They are good for those products that require more protection during handling. Double tray boxes are modishly crafted to make your products more elegant and protect them from damage.

Grabbing The Idea Of  Double Tray

Double flat trays are best for packaging solutions. They provide full protection to your delicate products. These full flat boxes are designed in a perfect way and they have double trays that give double protection to your products. 

These boxes have more space than regular boxes so all your products perfectly fit in them. These boxes are customizable so that you can choose styles, fonts, colors, and press work of your choice.

 What Are The Reasons To Choose  Custom Full Flat Double Tray?

Full flat double tray give your products full protection but they also help in promoting your brands in a competitive market. These boxes are just like advertising tools for your products.

Here we’ll see what are the important points that enhance business growth and success.

Provide Best Packaging Options

A variety of packaging options are available for these boxes. Materials that mostly used are kraft, corrugated, and cardboard. These materials are sustainable and provide full protection.

  • Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are perfect for packaging as they give maximum protection to your products. They are sustainable and lightweight. These boxes are disposable and cheap in price.

  • Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are preferable due to their specific quality. Kraft gives durability to the boxes. These boxes are mostly used because of their high-pressure absorbent quality and their eco-friendly nature. 

  • Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are commonly used in all packaging due to their quality as they are cheap and lightweight. They are highly adaptable you can cut them into any shape and style easily.

Customizable Layouts And Styles

These double full flat boxes are the best tool for advertising your products that are used to enhance your brand’s identity. You can customize your brands with different features that can make your product unique and help you promote your brand. 

  • Selection of color theme according to your preferences 

Custom foot lock tray are personalized with your desired color and style. They are unique in a way that you can design them with your favorite color theme.

  • Selection Of Print Work 

The double tray boxes will look more unique if printed with quality prints. Using printing most brands enhance the appearance of their product and if you wisely select printing designs then you can grab customers’ attention and market your brand. 

  • Selection Of Sizes For Your Boxes

Full flat double boxes also give you the offer to select any size for your boxes. If your products are too small or too big then you can design these boxes with your desired size requirements.

  • Addition Of Special Features To Your Boxes

Many business owners design their boxes with special features like die cut windows for a sneak peek of their products. This feature makes the custom full flat double tray design more unique and presentable. Double full flat boxes are also designed with add-ons to increase their appeal.

  • Provide Full Protection To Your products

As mentioned in its name double tray boxes, here double means that they provide double protection to your products. They keep your products safe and secure during transportation.

  • Elevate Products Look

By providing full protection, they also enhance the products’ look. Its packaging makes them more elegant and encourages customers to buy them. It makes your ordinary products to stylish and elegant.

  • Enhance Brand’s Identity

These boxes are the best tool for advertising your products. By customizing your product packaging, you can easily promote your products and enhance your brand’s identity.


Custom full flat double trays are perfect boxes for your heavy, expensive, and delicate products. They provide double protection to your products. They keep your products in place and secure them during transportation.

You can personalize these double tray boxes with different colors, styles, and prints. They have many varieties in sizes. You can easily choose the perfect size for your product boxes. They also play an essential part in enhancing the brand’s identity and promoting your brand. 

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